Cattle sell to an outstanding trade at Draperstown

Another day of top prices on Friday.

Cattle sold to an outstanding trade as buyers keenly pack the ringside. Bullocks sell up to £1375, Heifers £1290 and Fat Cows £1241/730kg

BULLOCKS: Meredith Gibson £1375/700kg, £1355/690kg, £1245/660kg, Kevin Lagan £1360/680kg, £1350/720kg, £1330/680kg, £1315/680kg, Gareth Feeney £1270/610kg, M Duggan £1250/640kg, £1250/620kg, £1250/600kg, Michael McCourt £1235/640kg, Ronald Davidson £1230/590kg, Gareth Feeney £1225/600kg, Margaret Brogan £1220/620kg, James Feeney £1180/590kg, John Downey £1170/570kg, £1165/570kg, John McDevitt £1165/550kg, £1155/580kg, M Duggan £1160/600kg, Frank Stewart £1150/500kg, Ronald Davidson £1150/580kg, Michael McCourt £1140/610kg, £1135/650kg, John Downey £1135/560kg, Gareth Feeney £1130/590kg, £1110/580kg,£1105/600kg, Aeneas Quinn £1105/540kg, £1100/570KG, Ronald Davidson £1100/530kg,John McDevitt £1100/570kg, £1100/530kg, Patrick Mujllan £1100/580kg.

HEIFERS: Kevin McCann £1290/640kg, £1265/630kg, £1170/570kg, £1100/600KG, Donald Fleming £1120/540kg, £1100/600kg, £1070/580kg, Local Farmer £1130, £1095/550kg, John Gourley £1110/640kg, Louis & Michael O’Neill £1090/600kg, £1070/520kg, H Speers £1080/530kg, £1035/490kg, £1025/510kg, £1005/530kg, £1000/510kg, £1000/530kg, £990/490kg, £990/520kg, £990/510kg, £970/470kg, £970/510kg, £970/460kg, John Lowe £1000/500kg, Eoin McKenna £980/550kg, John Lowe £970/510kg, £965/480KG, £950/480kg, SH Speer £960/480kg, John McDevitt £950/440kg, C McBride £940/510kg.

FAT COWS: Raymond McNamee £1241/730kg, Francis McBride £1092/700kg, James Chives £907.50/750kg, Patrick Ruddy £889/700kg, Kennedy Watters £865.80/780kg, Francis McBride £814/550kg, James Chivers £795.60/6800kg, Victor Creighton £784/700KG, Shane McDevitt £773.80/530kg, Hugh ONeill £765/510kg, John McBride £737/670kg, Dermot Nugent £728/560kg, Gregory Park £715/650kg,James Browne £707.20/680kg, S Mullin £678.60/580kg