Cattle sell well at Enniskillen

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A good entry of 1050 cattle sold very well at Thursday’s cattle sales.

In the bullock ring lightweights selling from 190 to 236ppk for a Ch 372kg at 880, medium weights selling from 185to 225ppk for a Lim 466kg at 1050, heavy lots selling from 180 to 206ppk for a Ch 556kg at 1145.


Florencecourt producer Lim 484kg at 1025. Letterbreen producer Ch 564kg at 1045. Letterbreen producer Ch 580kg at 1095. Letterbreen producer Ch 460kg at 970. Letterbreen producer Lim 560kg at 1130. Bellanaleck producer Ch 568kg at 1080. Newtownbutler producer Ch 506kg at 965. NTB producer, Ch 488kg at 990. Ballinamallard producer Lim 560kg at 1065. Coa producer AA 554kg at 1040. Belcoo producer Ch 588kg at 1160. Garrison producer Ch 482kg at 1010.


In the weanling ring steers and bulls sold from £600 to £1000 paid for a 370kg Ch while heifers ranged from £550 to £900 for a 360kg Ch.

Ruling prices

Kesh producer 431kg Ch steer at 915, 468kg Ch steer at 995, 419kg Ch steer at 980, 387kg Ch hfr at 900, Omagh producer 368kg Ch bull at 790, 364kg Ch bull at 795, 352kg Ch bull at 790. Belcoo producer 370kg Ch steer at 1000, 393kg Ch hfr at 905, 360kg Ch hfr at 900, 360kg Ch hfr at 900, Irvinestown producer 355kg AA hfr at 770, 377kg AA hfr at 700, Enniskillen producer 292kg Ch bull at 650, 262kg Ch bull at 660, 219kg Lim hfr at 495, 334kg Ch steer at 825. Garrison producer 309kg Ch steer at 790, 264kg Ch hfr at 640 Castlederg producer 246kg Ch bull at 670, 249 Ch bull at 710, 339kg Ch bull at 760. Garrison producer 316kg Ch bull at 770, 219kg Ch hfr at 505. Derrylin producer 213kg Lim hfr at 520.


Garrison producer Ch bull at 420. Kinawley producer Lim hfr at 410. Kesh producer Ch hfr at 405. Letterbreen producer Lim bull at 435. Letterbreen producer Lim hfr at 370. Tamlaght producer BB bull at 335. Garvary producer Lim hfr at 340. Lisbellaw producer Sim hfr at 295. Macken producer Her bull at 255. Macken producer Her bull at 245. Ballinamalard producer Fr bull at 125. Fivemiletown producer Fr bull at 100. Lisnaskea producer Fr bull at 95.


Dungannon producer Lim cow with bull calf at 1700. Dungannon producer Ch cow with bull calf at 1490. Dungannon producer Sim cow with hfr calf at 1480. Enniskillen producer AA cow hfr calf at 1260. Lisbellaw producer springing Lim hfr at 1440. Kesh producer springing BB cow at 1050. Kesh producer springing Lim cow at 1000.


Forward lots sold to 214ppk paid for a 500kg Ch at £1070 while lightweights sold readily from 189-217ppk for a 336kg Ch at £730.

Ballinamallard producer Ch 580kg at 1090. Ballinamallard producer Ch 600kg at 1105. Ballinamallard producer Ch 540kg at 985. Macken producer Ch 540kg at 1070. Macken producer Ch 480kg at 945. Macken producer Ch 480kg at 900. Macken producer Ch 440kg at 880. Derrylin producer Ch 460kg at 915. Derrylin producer Ch 420kg at 805.

Fat cows

748kg Ch at 1270 107p, 832kg Ch at 1075 129p. 832kg CH at 1000 121p, 682kg Ch at 770 113p. 842kg Ch at 1050 124p. 702kg Lim at 735 104p. 612kg Lim at 700 114p. 552kg AA at 685 124p. 654kg BB at 760 116p. 702kg Ch at 1025 146p. 624kg Sim at 690 110p. 688kg Lim at 860 125p. 632kg Daq at 710 112p. 600kg Sim at 770 128p. 674kg Friesian at 685 101p. 720kg Hol at 720 100p. 652kg Hol at 630 96p. 588kg Hol at 545 92p. 610kg Hol at 600 98p.