Charlie Weir speaks of his faith

Pastor Stephen Moffitt, from Saintfield Baptist Church, welcomes  Charlie Weir to the Men's Breakfast in Temple Golf Club
Pastor Stephen Moffitt, from Saintfield Baptist Church, welcomes Charlie Weir to the Men's Breakfast in Temple Golf Club

Well known dairy farmer Charlie Weir was the main speaker at a recent ‘Men’s Breakfast’, hosted by Saintfield Baptist Church.

The Waringstown man told of his deep commitment to God and how his faith plays a central part in his day-to-day life.

Currently milking 550 cows, Charlie is dealing with the ups and downs of a business this size every day of the year.

“I love working with the cows,” he said.

“But milking in today’s environment is very challenging. In addition to the normal management issues that arise on every farm, we have had major problems with Bovine TB over recent years. This factor alone has ramped up the scale of the problems that we have to deal with.

“However, my Christian faith has been a deep source of reassurance and consolation for me.”

Charlie told the 60-strong group of men in attendance that he was brought up in a very Christian and loving family, adding: “My grandfather was a particularly strong influence on me. He was a totally committed Christian and lived his life on that basis.

“My grandfather did not fear death. In fact, he would often tell us that he looked forward to being with God. The day he died, he simply collapsed in the bathroom. However, I noticed that he had a smile on his face. He knew that he was going to his true home.”

Charlie said that the death of his grandfather started him on a journey, which eventually led him to God. He added: “But it was a gradual process. I played rugby for many years in Banbridge. Normally, I would have been the first guy into the bar and, probably, the last man to head for home.”

A further step along Charlie’s road to salvation was the experience gained from his cousin, who had been diagnosed with a brain tumour.

“She started hosting prayer meetings, which I attended. She too expressed her total acceptance of her illness and the fact that she was going to be with the Lord. I knew then that I wanted God in my life.”

He continued:“God has shown me that He is in control. I need Jesus in my life.”

Charlie then related a story of how he was attacked by a bull while feeding heifers in a field a number of years ago.

“The bull threw me right up in the air. In fact, I was so high up, I could see the entire length of his back below me. When I fell to the ground, I sensed this was the end.

“But as it turned out he didn’t kill me. I am convinced this was a case of God directly intervening in my life. My father, who was in the field with me at the time, agrees.”

He concluded:“God wants to be in all our lives. I would urge everyone to repent and put their trust in the Lord.”

“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths.” Proverbs 3 v 5,6.

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