Charolais bull purchase scheme is announced

John Henning, Danske Bank, launching the Bull Purchase Scheme with Charolais Club chairman David Bothwell
John Henning, Danske Bank, launching the Bull Purchase Scheme with Charolais Club chairman David Bothwell

The Northern Ireland Charolais Club is delighted to announce a new Danske Bank finance incentive in advance of its March Sale.

The sale (Friday 6th March) will showcase 50 bulls and 20 females with showing at 11am and sale at 1pm. The club is inviting customers to come along and view the Charolais stock on display.

This new ‘bull purchase scheme’ can be arranged through Danske Bank. Available to existing Danske Bank customers – it is subject to normal credit assessment and to be agreed in advance of purchase. An amount from £3,000-£10,000 may be borrowed and is repayable over one to five years. Normal fees and interest applies. New customers are very welcome.

Charolais crosses finish up to three weeks faster than any other beef breed.

Time is money so the club is asking breeders to seriously consider investing in a Charolais bull as the terminal sire for the herd.

Every week market reports from around the country confirm that buyers should focus on the Charolais breed if they want to invest in a breed that will return higher weight gain and premium prices; it makes sense to use Charolais sires to breed stores which make choice finishers.

The latest marketplace trends are consistent with those achieved for over half a century. Charolais sired cattle led the beef revolution in the 1960s; since then, breeders have continued to select carefully for the key performance traits resulting in higher performing cattle which have maintained Charolais in the forefront in the marketplace right through to today. The modern day Charolais is bred for ease of calving and Charolais is the ‘buzz word’ in the national beef industry.

The best stockmen will tell you ‘good cow management is key to the future of the beef industry in Northern Ireland and Charolais is the breed that can deliver when it comes to weight gain and premium prices in the live ring; where the finisher knows when the carcase is hung up it will bring a better return.

At the end of the day, processors reap the benefits when finishing Charolais cross cattle as they finish much earlier than other continental crosses. Choose Charolais ‘the cream of the crop for your herd’.

As an official club sale all Charolais bulls are DNA typed BVD tested and fertility insured when sold; they are veterinary inspected prior to the show and sale. Bulls are sold first followed by females.

Club chairman David Bothwell said: “You can see it in all the livestock markets, in the sale ring Charolais cross calves and stores outperform all the other beef breeds.”

Sale catalogues will be available on line or from Dungannon Mart 028 8772 27627.

For the contact details of the ‘Bull Purchase Scheme’ contact your Danske Bank agribusiness manager [see] or speak to John Henning on 07711 885302 in advance of sale.

New customers very welcome.

For any other information contact club secretary Mrs Ann Orr on 07811 501898 T: 02866 342996 or E: