Charollais a firm favourite on Castlewellan farm

A Horned Ewe with Charollais X Lambs
A Horned Ewe with Charollais X Lambs

Paul McElroy farms just outside Castlewellan, in the foothills of the Dromara mountains.

Paul works in the local meat factory and also keeps 100 horned ewes, half of which he lambs to the Charollais and the other half he keeps pure putting them back to the horned ram.

He first started using Charollais six years ago when he had his first experience with Charollais X lambs at a neighbour’s farm.

He was amazed at how solid they were for their age and how they weighed.

Following this he purchased a ram from Jonathan Aiken and has been a keen advocate for the breed ever since. He had always heard of the Charollais lamb how quick it was to get up and suck but he couldn’t get over just how quick they were.

“The amount of time this saves at lambing is amazing, especially for someone like me who works out as well,” he said.

Ewes are lambed middle of March with all lambs finished on the farm with some of the best ewe lamb crosses being sold for breeding. The lambs thrive well and have no bother achieving finishing weights. The only complaint Paul has about the Charollais is ensuring they don’t get over weight, “you have to keep a good eye for they get to weight very quickly.”

The fine line to maintain a profitable sheep enterprise demands detailed management. Charollais have proven their consistency in performance and now command a large share of the market place.

Commercial buyers can be assured that by purchasing a Charollais they will be adding value to their enterprise.

The Premier Show and sale of Charollais Sheep will be held in Dungannon on Monday, 25th July.