Charollais sale at Dungannon

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Pedigree performance recorded Charollais Rams which will allow farmers and breeders to target the specific requirements for their individual flocks will be available at the forthcoming Charollais sale in Dungannon. In some instances these rams may qualify for grant aid.

Performance recording allows pedigree breeders and commercial farmers alike to select breeding animals for various traits including 1) Live weight gain 2) Muscle depth 3) Fat cover. Each performance recorded ram is given an overall terminal sire index which is indicative of the potential genetic merit across a number of key traits.

In addition to improving overall performance, farmers and breeders can also target improvements in particular areas depending on their commercial ewe flock and lamb grading results. For example with fat cover, if your lambs tend to be too fat at slaughter then you need a ram with a low fat depth whereas if you have lean lambs at slaughter then you need a higher fat depth.

Additionally farmers from Co. Fermanagh can apply to the Vaughan Trust ahead of the sale, to get a grant on the purchase of a performance recorded ram which must be above average for the breed, in terms of overall index.

These performance recorded shearling rams and ram lambs will be available at the Charollais sale in Dungannon Farmers Mart on Monday 5th September with the auction starting at 1pm sharp. Catalogues are available from Sheila Malcolmson telephone 028 406 51676, mobile 07753 310603.