Chestnutt bull sale

Ellerton Independent
Ellerton Independent

Friday, 22nd February in Ballymena Mart at noon sees the eagerly awaited sale of commercially reared, store condition, ready to work, pedigree bulls from Victor and David Chestnutt. 

This year features a much larger selection of Charolais Bulls with 11 on offer. These are all by the same sire as last year’s bulls which sold exceptionally well. These bulls are from ‘Ellerton Independent’ (pictured) purchased in Stirling for 10,000gns. Victor selected this bull for his extreme length and carcass and having the shortest gestation length of all the Charolais bulls in Stirling, he ticked all the boxes.

His pedigree sires include, ‘Simpsons Gregg’, ‘Doonally New’, ‘Olstone Egbert’ and ‘Moyness Lincoln’. He has grown into the most impressive stock bull ever in the Bushmills herd and his first three crops of calves have been easy calving. Shown straight from the field in 2017 he took overall pedigree beef animal of Ballymoney Show and Charolais Champion in 2018.

After calving from this sire for three years with no caesareans, Victor now has the confidence to recommend these Charolais bulls for use in both the suckler and dairy herds or indeed stock sires in a pedigree herd, remember Charolais animals top the sales be it suckler calves, stores, beef or drop calves.

The sale also include three easy fleshing Aberdeen Angus bulls bred out of ‘Lavally Knockout’ who’s mother’s sister holds the record in Ireland for the highest priced female. His sire is the legendary ‘Netherallan Peter Pershore’ noted for his carcass traits with many sons achieving top prices in Stirling.

These bulls are ready for work, not pushed for show and again are commercially reared, not crept fed as calves and fed a silage, store based diet. This is going down a treat with buyers, who are catching on that the feeding of bulls to compete in club sales inhibits their ability to work and shortens their life span.  The herds are clear of TB, bulls are vaccinated for Lepto and BVD and were all tissue sampled for BVD at birth. The herds have never seen a case of Johne’s.

Victor and David would like to wish all previous and this year’s customers all the very best with their purchases and thank them for their custom.