Christmas at Holestone YFC

Holestone and Gleno members enjoy exchange
Holestone and Gleno members enjoy exchange

Holestone YFC members have enjoyed an eventful autumn and winter.

October 28th saw the Holestone Young Farmers hall fuller than ever before when Gleno Valley YFC came to visit for a night of fun and games on the exchange. A great night was had by both clubs.

On 5th November, 10 Holestone members made their way to Ballymena Rugby Club for the annual county quiz.

Entering a senior team and a junior team they saw the seniors take second place.

Congratulations to Holestone member Sarah Minford, receiving 1st place in her age group, 16-18, in impromptu at the Northern Ireland Public Speaking Finals on Thursday 6th November.

Group debating time again and Holestone saw a senior and junior team raising their voices.

The junior team consisted of Jack Patterson, Laura Robson and Anna Hall with Laura Patterson, Clara Nelson and Victoria Minford making up the senior team. Well done to those who participated.

Next saw Holestone members setting tables, checking oil in a car as well as decorating a sock for Christmas and using cereal boxes to make photo frames in the annual home management competition.

Well done to those who got placed and will proceed to the next round at the end of January.

Junior: 1st- Anna Hall

2nd- Zara Stirling

3rd- Robyn McConnell

4th- Alexandra McConnell

Senior: 1st- Jennifer Christie

2nd- Rebekah Duff

3rd- Laura Patterson

4th- Ashley McConnell

On November 27th, 26 members took part in the Ulster Young Farmer competition.

With juniors completing a paper of 25 questions and senior with 50 questions, Holestone hope to see some great end results.

Most recently was demonstration and presentation with two of Holestone member taking part, as well as craft and art competitions with Ashley McConnell being awarded third in the craft competition.

Holestone members extend an invite to everyone to join Holestone at their annual Kids Christmas Party on Sunday 21st December for their Carol Service at 7pm at the Holestone Young Farmers’ Hall.

Holestone would like to wish members past and present and all those who supported Holestone over the number of years a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

For more details on Holestone Young Farmers’ Club contact club leader Gareth Cummings on 07731440965 or Secretary Daniel McAuley on 07845737410.

Or alternatively find the club on Facebook at ‘Holestone Young Farmers’, Twitter ‘@HolestoneYFC’ or Instagram ‘Holestone_YFC’.