Club focus: Mourne YFC

Members of Mourne YFC who have recently became part of the YFCU over the summer
Members of Mourne YFC who have recently became part of the YFCU over the summer

Mourne YFC, are the newest addition to our Young Farmers’ Clubs situated in County Down, having joined YFCU over the summer months. The YFCU would like to welcome them wholeheartedly into the YFCU fold.

The club are preparing for their first competition year and the range of activities available to YFCU members. YFCU communications coordinator, Anna Laverty, caught up with Mourne YFC’s secretary Rebecca Connor to find out what the club have been up to and plans for the coming year.

Q: How did you put your club together, Mourne YFC?

A: Our club was put together by the young people in the area of Kilkeel, Co Down.

We went to our local councillor who arranged a meeting with the YFCU club development officer who came and told us all about the young farmers’ club and the sorts of things that we could get involved in.

After this first information meeting everyone was very keen to get a young farmers’ club set up and we decided upon the name ‘Mourne’ YFC as it represented a collection of local communities in the area. 

Q: Did you know much about YFCU before deciding to start a club?

A: Before starting up our club we didn’t really know much about the young farmers’ club.

However by attending local and regional agricultural shows each year we saw the other clubs getting involved in different events and felt like it was something we would love to get involved in.

Q: Do you think you have a good range of members so far?

A: For only having our club set up a few weeks we feel like we have a good range of members so far. It will be interesting to see how they grow throughout the next year!

Q: The new competition year has officially started for 2015/16. Are you as a club anticipating the range of competitions open to members

A: As a club we are looking forward to the YFCU year starting up and are looking forward to taking part in the competitions that are available for us particularly because there are such a wide variety of events in sports, arts and of course agriculture.

Q: Are there any competitions in particular that your club and members are excited to take part in?

A: In our club there is particular interest in the machinery handling competitions and the fencing competitions as well the home management and floral art competition especially among some of our younger members.

Q: How have the members got to know one another. Did you have an ice breaker evening or something like this to introduce everyone?

A: The members of our club have got to know each other through our icebreaker night that we had at our first meeting on Monday 7th September.

We divided the members into different groups to take part in the different games has really helped the members to get to know each other.

Q: Have you had the chance to meet any of your fellow Co Down clubs or have you planned to do so in the near future?

A: Unfortunately we haven’t had the chance to meet the other clubs yet but we are hoping we will be able to in the near future and maybe organise an activity evening with our fellow county clubs.

Q: YFCU is a great way to meet and get to know a range of different people, get involved in different education, training and social opportunities. Is there any aspect of YFCU that your club is particularly excited about getting involved in?

A: As club we are above all excited about getting to meet a whole range of new people.

Of course getting involved in the competitions is a big part of that but we’re looking forward to observing the other aspects of YFCU over the next few months that we could get involved in once the club is up and running.