Co Armagh farmer fined and banned from keeping animals

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A Co Armagh farmer has been fined and banned from keeping animals for two years after he was convicted of a number of animal welfare charges.

Eugene Murphy of Upper Darkley Road, Aughnagurgan, Keady, was sentenced yesterday (27 October 2015) of two charges, of failing to ensure the needs of animals were met to the extent required by good practice, three charges of failure to comply with animal welfare notices contrary to the relevant legislation, one charge of failing to provide a well drained lying area, one charge of failing to ensure animals had access to feed at intervals appropriate to their needs, one charge of failing to design, construct, place and maintain feeding and watering equipment so that contamination of food and water and the harmful effects of competition between animals were minimized and one charge of failing to ensure that animals had access at all times to a lying area which was well maintained with dry bedding.

He had been convicted of these charges on 20 October 2015 at Armagh Magistrates’ Court. Yesterday he was disqualified from keeping farmed animals for two years and was fined £900. A Deprivation Order was issued by the court.

The case arose from a targeted welfare inspection of the defendant’s farm due to a previous animal welfare conviction in April 2013. DARD Veterinary Officers and Inspectors carried out a number of inspections between 11 December 2013 and 21 March 2014.

On each occasion cattle were found in appalling conditions with no protection from adverse weather conditions, no access to feed and water and no access to a well drained lying area. The defendant failed to comply with rectification notices and the advice given to him by the DARD Officers.