Co-ops have come up short – FFA claim

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Farmers of Actions have claimed that local co-ops have come up short during the recent hot spell by not promotion milk enough.

A spokesperson for the group felt the industry had missed the key message that milk will quench a persons’ thirst in 30 minutes opposed to the other drinks taking two hours.

The spokesperson continued: “Milk as almost everyone knows is full of calcium that particularly children need to grow strong teeth and bones and not forgetting it is a food. In short the great message is, all you need to stay cool is a glass of milk and a white hat to get the Duracell effect on a hot day and you will have all the resilience you need to see you through.

“The current opportunity to put milk and milk products right up the advertising agenda and on the map has been substituted for a deafening silence from the people who trumpet their great deeds to their farmer members in every way at their co-op AGM,” the spokesperson added.

“Milk supplies are tightening across the EU, why is the farm gate price not rising at a faster rate? Northern Ireland in particular continues to lag almost 10%/3p/l behind GB, whilst our milk is of equal quality.

“Co-op members need to make themselves heard with authority on this question or change milk buyer. They must remember not to sign up to any future contracts below the current cost of production of approx 40p/l minimum.

“Are the milk co-ops suppressing prices in their relentless appetite for current and further acquisitions thus forgetting their duty to pay their members a proper cost of production plus a margin daily price for their milk not to mention the long forgotten annual fair shareholders bonus in many cases? Dairy farmer share holders need to check their co-ops’ books and lack of sufficient sales promotion in many cases and hold them to account – they own the business,” the spokesperson added.

“Until Europe’s dairy farmers realise that until the CEO and management of their co-ops are paid a minimum salary and bonuses equivalent to the bonuses that should be paid to them as farmers members on an annual basis, the status quo will roll on for now!” the FFA spokesperson concluded.