Cogent celebrates strength of its stud

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Cogent is celebrating the strength of its stud following the December proof run.

The results confirm the company’s consistency and reliability with some of the most dependable bulls available in the dairy industry today.

A highlight of this proof run is the UK and international Type Merit (TM) ranking, where Cogent has a remarkable six of the top 10 bulls. These include Bradnick at TM 4.3, Brockaw (TM 4.15), Golden Dreams (4.08), Mincio (4.08), Mogul (4.02) and Gold Chip (3.98).

Owain Harries, genetic procurement manager for Cogent Breeding said: “We are particularly pleased to have so many bulls which transmit exceptional conformation, but what is even more gratifying is that there’s a trend for them to improve as more daughters are added to their figures.

“Furthermore, they are not just high type sires but really are the complete package, providing the type of genetics that will work well on a wide cross-section of modern herds.”

This is exemplified by the Dorcy son Mogul (TM 4.02), whose Profitable Lifetime Index (PLI) is in the international top 50 at £452. With less than two points for stature and good health and fitness, his daughters would be easy to manage and profitable in a range of UK dairying situations.

“These type proofs are based on international daughters but we are confident the bulls will go on to do well once their UK daughters are classified,” he adds. “Cogent already has the number one type bull on the UK ranking where Atwood’s 177 UK daughters place him firmly in the lead.

“However, the Cogent stud’s strengths extend far beyond these high type sires and many of our bulls in the important £PLI ranking have demonstrated the consistency for which the stud is known.

“Kody and Grafeeti are prime examples; both bulls are in the international top five with PLIs of £563 and £558 respectively and both have proofs which have held up as daughters have been added,” he says.

Whilst some bulls featured are from the acclaimed international portfolio of World Wide Sires (USA), marketed by Cogent, it is the bulls from Cogent’s own UK breeding of which they are particularly proud.

“Our own Cogent Twist has gone from strength to strength and now has 424 more daughters than he had in the last proof run. As his daughters have been added, Twist’s index has improved and he remains the number two fat producer of all UK and international sires,” says Mr Harries.

“With an index based on real performance of 983 UK daughters, it is particularly pleasing to see his daughter Lifespan Index is steadily increasing,” he adds. “Twist sums up the Cogent philosophy of producing hard-working cattle which will improve with age and earn their keep over long and productive lifetimes.”