Cogent Twist - still the farmers’ favourite

Twist is still the farmers favourite
Twist is still the farmers favourite

Breeding cows with the ability to deliver is a goal that every dairy producer aims for.

For this reason, bulls that transmit production, consistency and strength to their daughters have an important place in the Cogent stud and one bull in particular has been the star of the show for several years.

That bull is none other than Cogent Twist, a sire who has proven himself time and time again in herds around the world.

Launched back in 2010, Twist quickly became a firm favourite in the Cogent stud thanks to his phenomenal consistency and impressive progeny traits.

One of Twist’s defining characteristics is power. As one of the highest ranking Shottle sons in the world and bred from the world famous Art-Acres Tex family, Twist closely follows in his family’s footsteps by producing daughters with added dairy strength.

From nose to tail, he adds much needed width giving his progeny the ability to withstand the rigours of life on a modern dairy farm. His daughters milk extremely well and have slope to the rump plus added teat length, both of which have become important in recent years. They also move easily on fantastic Legs and Feet and get back in calf without difficulty.

Twist transmits fantastic levels of fat 31.3kgs (0.19%) and protein 17.9kgs (0.06%), which is one of the most important drivers of profitability for any UK herd. All this comes together in a complete package and really demonstrates why even at ten years old, he is still the farmers’ favourite.

“Twist truly is Cogent’s flagship bull and it is easy to see why he earned the name Mr Consistent,” says Ashley Fleming, Cogent’s Northern Ireland Regional Sales Manager.

“To date, Twist has now produced more than 500,000 straws and has over 8,000 progeny registered with Holstein UK. He has seen semen sell around the world and clearly sums up the Cogent philosophy of producing hard-working cattle that improve with age and earn their keep over long and productive lifetimes.”

“Here’s to several more years with one of our best proven bulls.”