Collection service available from Ulster Wool

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To assist with farmers who haven’t had the opportunity to get their wool in yet, Ulster Wool are offering a collection service to help producers get their wool in for the 2018/19 season before the depot cut-off date of 28th February 2019.

Ulster Wool works on behalf of producers to maximise the value of their wool. They do this through grading the wool by type and selling over the course of the year through a series of 20 auctions. This process has allowed Ulster Wool to consistently deliver more value to producers for their wool.

It is important to remember that Ulster Wool sells the wool on behalf of producers - they do not ‘buy it’ or pay a flat rate. When a producer sends their wool to the Depot they receive an’ advance payment’.

The ‘balance’ is calculated based upon the grades of wool each producer delivers and the price that these grades achieve at auction - producers with better quality wool will be rewarded with a higher price per kilo. The balance is paid to producers when they deliver their wool the next season.

Depot manager Jayne Harkness-Bones commented: “We are striving to provide the best customer service possible, and appreciate that lambing season is upon us, so felt having the cut-off date a month later this year would assist farmers to get their wool in for the 2018/19 season.”

For any enquiries regarding getting your wool collected or any other questions, please contact the Depot on 028 94 462 131.