Comfort Slat Mats get to grips with wet slats

Comfort Slat Mats
Comfort Slat Mats

Comfort Slat Mats are the manufacturers of the internationally patented, award-winning Slat Mats which creates a healthier and more profitable environment for cattle and farmers.

When faced with solving the problem of the harsh concrete slatted flooring for beef and dairy cattle Comfort Slat Mats listened – listened to farmers and listened to the cattle.

Farmers wanted a safe, long lasting floor, and the cattle needed a soft, dry, clean non-slip floor.

Other flooring products on the market addressed the “soft” issue to some degree but could never adequately solve the issue of constantly wet surfaces, essential to the health and wellbeing of the animals as well as aiding with increased productivity.

Comfort Slat Mats knew there had to be a solution to the “wet floor” issue which is the cause of so many problems for cattle and farmers. What stopped existing floors from drying? The fact that they were flat and needed indentations for grip which as a result retained liquid on the surface. It was then that Comfort Slat Mats hit upon the innovative idea- Why not have a curved smooth floor?

A curved floor promotes the animal waste away from the floor creating a dry, clean environment and by using the animal’s weight this could create a flat surface when walked upon which then returns to a curved surface to displace waste.

Once they had solved the wet floor problem, they worked on creating a long lasting, air-cushioned core which facilitated “grip” of the hoof within the floor. After five years of research and development, Comfort Slat Mats was launched.

Since then, Comfort Slat Mats have been installed in over 3,000 farms across Europe and North America and its use in beef and dairy installation is growing year on year.

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