Comfort slat mats – “the best on the market”

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When Jim Orr, a beef farmer was researching mats for his new slatted shed, he wanted to get “the best on the market”.

A mat that was safe for the animals, long lasting and giving the cattle a soft, dry, clean non-slip floor.

Jim had a look at all the black rubber slat mats on the market, visiting a number of farms, and the one recurring feature he saw was “all the mats come up and/or curl up and expand”. Then a neighbour introduced him to Comfort Slat Mats. Once he saw the mats in situ, Jim was convinced that Comfort Slat Mats were “the best on the market”.

One unique feature of Comfort Slat Mats, apart from the green colour, is the snap-lock fixing mechanism which grips the side walls of each slat and requires no bungs or screws to hold the mat down.

A curved surface on top promotes the animal waste away from the floor creating a dry, clean environment and when the cattle walk on the mats, their weight creates a flat surface to walk upon. Once the cattle move off the mat it always returns to a curved surface which aids with displacing the waste.

Also, by developing a unique air-cushioned core in the mat, Comfort Slat Mats created “grip” through the cattle’s hoof sinking into the mat.

Since installing Comfort Slat Mats last year, Jim reports his “cattle seem very comfortable” on the mats and have “a lot less bother with their feet” than previously. He is happy to report that the Comfort Slat Mats have “not moved an inch” since they were installed which was one of Jim’s main concerns with alternative black mats.

Jim says the cattle are “less stressed” than before and there is “definitely a big difference between concrete and Comfort Slat Mats”.

Jim’s agent for Comfort Slat Mats said that “the curved shape of the mat, the wings which grip the slat keeps the gap between each slat clear ensuring a clean floor. The mats are measured and tailor made to fit each slat ensuring a perfect fit every time”. 

He added: “We pride ourselves on giving a great service from the first phone call until the mats are fitted and farmer is satisfied.  The feed-back we get from our farmers is phenomenal and our repeat business tells me that Comfort Slat Mats are the BEST.”

Comfort Slat Mats operate an extensive agent network throughout Ireland. Each agent is trained and experienced in measuring and fitting Comfort slat mats, and prides themselves in working with the farmer to suit their and their animal’s requirements.

To find your local agent, visit the website: or contact them at T: 01 8643494, E: