Comprehensive range of solutions to control lameness available from Provita

Stainless footbath: Bespoke semi-automated, stainless steel footbath available through Provita
Stainless footbath: Bespoke semi-automated, stainless steel footbath available through Provita

Provita have several ways they can help farmers take control of any lameness problems they may have. Provita can assist with regard to the design and installation of footbathing facilities on dairy farms throughout Northern Ireland.

Provita’s Tommy Armstrong explains the details and benefits of the semi-automated footbathing system: “We have developed a footbathing design model which is sufficiently flexible and robust, in order to meet the needs of all milk producers and their specific milking parlour layout. In general terms the new concept comprises a double footbath arrangement in combination with a modified dilution pump and electronic control box.”

Provita are currently offering this bespoke semi-automated system which can help solve the problems which come with footbathing. Initially it is supplied at cost price, the cost can be recouped by extra Hoofsure Endurance supplied for free as part of a commitment to volume purchases over time.

The footbath itself can be made by Moore Concrete, which is protected by a special paint to provide a longer lifespan. Or it can be made from stainless steel chequered plate, which by nature will last for many years. Both of these footbath options are sturdy, which means that cattle walking through it will be comfortable and therefore walk through it with ease.

There is an option for a modified water powered pump which will apply the Hoofsure Endurance to the footbath through an in-line water supply. This means that you will not have to handle any chemicals making it safer to use. Hoofsure Endurance will always be used at the correct dilution, and the pump can be easy adjusted to release a percentage of the product between the dilution rates of 1% to 5%. Another option is an electronic control box which can pump a set amount of water to the footbath at the press of a button.

The system can be tailored to the farm’s specific requirements and each of the elements above can be customised to suit.

Provita also offer a Digital Dermatitis (DD) app. The customised Provita Mobile App allows farmers, vets and other professionals to measure and continuously manage digital dermatitis.

It has been specifically designed and tested to be easily used in the parlour.

Input of information includes recording colour, size and appearance of lesions. Once all the details are entered, it is automatically submitted to Provita whose technical team design a farm specific hoofcare plan. Having this unique control plan means that Provita products will be used at the correct dilution rates, depth and frequency. Farmers will be able to see the level of Digital Dermatitis on their farm before and after management changes. This means they can see exactly what is working for them, and monitor progress long term.

The Mobile App is free to farmers for the first report and free thereafter for farmers using Hoofsure Endurance, under the Hoofsure HELP service.

The Provita Hoofsure HELP service is designed to help farmers reduce lameness and improve herd mobility. It will provide farmers with a complete picture of lameness and digital dermatitis on their farm. For farmers using or wishing to use the Hoofsure Endurance footbath solution a member of the Provita team, fully trained by industry experts, will carry out an on-farm lameness and or digital dermatitis assessment using the new Provita Digital Dermatitis App. These assessments can be done at regular agreed monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly intervals.

Provita will be providing more information and demonstrations of these services at the lameness talks with Roger Blowey on the 21st of February 2017.