Conservation – what farmers need to know

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Almost 80% of Northern Ireland’s land is managed by farmers and the farming community are very supportive of environmental protection as it benefits both the land and people.

Farmers are key contributors to shaping the environment, believing there must be a balance between efficient production and protecting the environment - but do people really understand how farming and conservation work hand in hand?

It is important when operating a farm and making an income from it that the natural resources and biodiversity are protected. That’s why Lantra offer a one day course which has been designed to help increase awareness of how to balance commercial pressures and efficient farming with environmentally responsible farming.

On the Lantra Awards ‘Conservation on the Farm’ course, participants learn about conservation and habitat, pest control and making plans for conservation on the farm and there will be a practical visit to a farm.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

* Define the meaning of conservation

* Recognise the benefits of conservation for farmers, wildlife, landscape and the general public

* Identify aspects of farming which may potentially damage or pose a threat to the environment

* Identify and evaluate opportunities for conservation on their farm

* Establish priorities for conservation on farms

* Recognise the benefits of a conservation on their farm plan

* Know sources of finance, further information and advice

* Identify skills and further training needed by anyone working on or connected with the farm to enable farmers to prepare and implement a conservation on the farm plan.

This course provides learners with an industry recognised certificate. Visit www.lantra or call 07867 908 171 for details.