Consistency of performance makes KaN fertiliser popular

Andrew Fyffe, United Feeds Business Development Manager with Richard Fulton.
Andrew Fyffe, United Feeds Business Development Manager with Richard Fulton.

County Tyrone farmer Richard Fulton has become a big fan of KaN fertiliser in recent years. The 2018 season will again see Richard sow KaN fertiliser on both his grazing and silage ground because of its consistently good past performance on his farm.

Originally, back in the spring of 2015 when Andrew Fyffe, United Feeds Business Development Adviser introduced Richard to KaN fertiliser, he decided to try it on the back of the cost saving opportunity it offered on his nitrogen purchases. Now, four years later it is the reliability of KaN to grow grass that is the main attraction for using it. Richard made the comment: “It’s as simple as this, if the KaN wasn’t doing the job for me, I wouldn’t be using it.” This kind of endorsement alongside any cost saving speaks volumes.

Milking 70 cows, Richard, like a lot farmers in the area is heavily reliant on making high quality grass silage as the basis of the cows’ diet. The use of KaN 46%N and KaN 36-0-8.5 + 7.5% SO3 allows him to consistently achieve this.

Richard takes three cuts of silage per year and is tailoring his applications of KaN, with slurry to ensure that the nutrient requirements of his grass are fully met. Like hundreds of other farmers across Northern Ireland, his decision to use KaN fertiliser is now paying dividends, as his silage results are fantastic.

Richard highlights the fact that the quality of his silage in terms of Dry Matter, ME and Protein have been almost constant each year regardless of the seasonal conditions. He believes that the stability and nitrogen release pattern from KaN fertiliser has a lot to do with this result.

If you would like to find out more about the range of KaN based fertilisers available contact your local United Feeds representative or call 028 9075 9000.