Consistent fertiliser performance in Tyrone

Mark Hamilton assesses ground conditions before sowing fertiliser
Mark Hamilton assesses ground conditions before sowing fertiliser

Mark Hamilton, dairy farmer from Dunamanagh, North Tyrone has assessed his current ground conditions and is keen to get sowing fertiliser as soon as weather conditions settle.

Mark milks 70 cows and has been using KαN fertiliser with great success since 2015.

Having seen its consistent ability to grow grass each season since then he had no hesitation in placing his order for KαN again this year.

It was Stephen Hamilton, United Feeds Ruminant Nutrition Adviser in the area, who first approached Mark about trying KαN, a new nitrogen fertiliser to the Northern Ireland market back in 2014.

Stephen commented: “KαN is a quality product made using top grade granular urea treated with Agrotain® urease inhibitor. By stabilising urea hydrolysis, Agrotain® retains the nitrogen in the stable ammonium form to prevent volatilisation losses. This ammonium can be taken up directly by the plant or converted to nitrate, the highly plant available form of nitrogen.”

Mark uses KαN fertiliser on both his grazing and cutting ground alongside slurry. Typically he sows KαN 46% on the grazing ground and KαN 36-0-8.5 + S on the cutting ground. He generally operates a three cut silage system with the main emphasis on securing good first and second cuts with third being season dependant. The higher nitrogen concentration of KαN, allows for some time saving at the point of spreading. While the secure nitrogen form and release pattern of KαN, mean that Mark is confident he will not bring any valuable nitrogen back into his silage pit.

Mark commented: “My silage is now more consistent and I don’t tend to have too much variation in quality within or between cuts. The ammonia levels are always low and that has to be mostly due to KαN fertiliser being fully used by the plant to grow.”

For more information on the KαN fertiliser range contact your local United Feeds representative or 028 9075 9000.