Corraback is the ‘Cherry’ on top

Judge George Thorne with his Supreme Champion and owner Henry Richmond
Judge George Thorne with his Supreme Champion and owner Henry Richmond

It was ladies to the fore at the Royal Ulster Show under Welsh judge George Thorne.

Taking their first Hereford breed championship at the event was Mervyn and Henry Richmond from Co Fermanagh with their homebred heifer Corraback Cherry 10th.

Champion Corraback Cherry 10th from M & H Richmond Derrylin

Champion Corraback Cherry 10th from M & H Richmond Derrylin

Born in October 2017, she was sired by the 2012 Royal Ulster winner Kye Rodge with her dam Corraback Cherry 7th, who was sired by Mara Flook who also sired the 2018 National Hereford Show Champion.

In Reserve Supreme stood the runner up to Cherry in the Female Championship, January 2017 Richmount 1 Poppy from James Graham Co Armagh. She is sired by Grousehall 1 Premier and out of a Barbern 1 Gargantuan daughter Richmount 1 Laura.

Not finished there for the Graham Family, the Reserve Male Champion was Richmount 1 Rockafella a September 2017 born Premier son out of Richmont 1 Lady Gaga, the Female Champion at 2011 Balmoral Show.

The Male Championship was won by the 13 month old Solpoll 1 Real Thing, out of the Panmure 1 Henry daughter Solpoll 1 Dainty N11. His sire is NBG The Wonderer from John and William McMordie, Co Down. He also went on to be part of the first place group of three from the one exhibitor.

John and Karen Taggart, from Co Down, won the cow class with their six year old home-bred Carney Hill 1 Olga sired by Carney Hill 1 Giggs. She was shown with her two month old bull calf at foot. Winner of the Junior Championship and youngest heifer class was Kye Holly from Tommy Staunton, Co Galway. A January 2018 born Free Town Hotspur daughter, she had previously stood Female Champion at the Irish Calf Show.

Later in the week during the interbreeds, James Graham’s Richmount 1 Ruby Royale won the Native Interbreed Performance Class.

The champion Corraback Cherry 10th also teamed up with Richmount 1 Rockafella to take reserve in the Native Interbreed Pairs Class, which topped off a strong showing for the Hereford breed at this year’s show.

Class Results

Supreme & Female Champion: Corraback Cherry 10th, M Richmond

Reserve & Reserve Female Supreme Champion: Richmount 1 Poppy, J Graham

Male Champion: Solpoll 1 Real Deal, J & W McMordie

Reserve Male Champion: Richmount 1 Rockafella, J Graham

Junior Champion: Kye Holly, T Staunton

Cow born before 31st December 2016: 1. Carney Hill 1 Olga - J Taggart; 2. Hockleypoll 1 Amelia - Leader Family; 3. Richmount 1 Lola Rose - J Graham; 4. Dorepoll 1 553 Classic Kim - JE, RI & W Haire

Heifer born between 1st Jan 2017 & 30th June 2017: 1. Richmount 1 Poppy - J Graham; 2. Dorepoll 1 Sally 611 - JE, R I & W Haire; 3. CarneyHill 1 Gillian - J & K Taggart; 4. Hockleypoll 1 Evie - Leader Family

Heifer born between 1st July and 31st December 2017: 1. Corraback Cherry 10th - M Richmond; 2. Lusky 1 Rita - J Gill; 3. Dorepoll 1 Classic Kim 662 - JE, RI & W Haire; 4. Lusky 1 Regina - J Gill

Heifer born after 1st January 2018: 1 Kye Holly - T Staunton; 2. River-Dale 1 Daintys Reka - McMordie Family; 3. Richmount 1 Lady Rosemunde - J Graham; 4. Dorepoll 1 Duchess 663 - JE, RI & W Haire

Bull born between 1st April and 31st December 2017: 1. Richmount 1 Rockafella - J Graham; 2. Dorepoll 1 Perfection - JE, RI & W Haire; 3. Richmount 1 Red Rock - J Graham; 4. Hockleypoll 1 Amigo - Leader Family

Bull born after 1st January 2018: 1. Solpoll 1 Real Thing - J & W McMordie; 2. Solpoll 1 Royalty - J & W McMordie; 3. Drumgold 1 Finn - P Collins; 4. Corraback Machine - M Richmond

Group of 3 - 1. J & W McMordie; 2. M Richmond; 3. J Graham; 4. J Gill

Progeny Pair - 1. M Richmond; 2. J & W McMordie; 3. J Graham; 4. J Graham.