Could mobile sheep dippers be the answer?

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Bimeda are calling on farmers to use mobile sheep dipping services, to protect against key parasites such as blowfly, sheep scab, lice, keds and ticks this year.

Mobile sheep dippers are licensed, professional dippers who travel to individual farms to dip sheep.

They are usually a highly cost-effective option for ecto-parasite control, and many offer other shepherding services too.

Dipping is an excellent option for ecto-parasite control for the following reasons;

q It is unique and effective. Dipping is the only way to treat sheep scab, ticks, lice, keds and blowfly with one product.

q It is fast-acting. Dipping gives immediate scab and ecto-parasite control.

q Helps avoid resistance –Using dip to treat scab helps avoid the over-use of type 3ML wormers which can lead to the development of resistance.

Bimeda Professional Services Veterinarian, Rachel Mallet, commented: “It has been estimated that since the elimination of compulsory dipping 23 years ago, there has been a 60-fold increase in sheep scab on UK farms. Dipping is also effective against lice, keds, ticks and blowfly and I am therefore a strong advocate of dipping.”

Rachel added: “I have spoken to many farmers around the country at various shows and events and they repeatedly tell me that they would like to dip their sheep but don’t have the necessary dipping license.

“When I mention mobile sheep dipping services to them, they are often unaware that these exist and are pleased to find out about dippers in their area who offer a cost-effective and professional service. I would advise farmers to get in touch with their local dipper and if they do not know who this is, contact Bimeda and we will be able to put them in touch with a professional mobile dipper.”

How to get in touch to find out about your nearest mobile sheep dipper: Text SHEEP to 60788. A Bimeda representative will be in touch as soon as possible

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Bimeda can also be contacted at 01248 725 400.