Cows and calves sell to £1,050 at Lisnaskea Mart

Lisnaskea Mart
Lisnaskea Mart

A smaller entry of stock on Tuesday, May at Lisnaskea Livestock sales sold to a steady demand for all sorts.

This week cows and calves sold to £1,050.

Weanling males sold to £960 for a 500kg Aberdeen Angus £192 reaching a top of £262 per 100kg for a 300kg Limousin at £785.

Weanling heifers sold to £900 for a 510kg Limousin £192 and £900 for a 380kg Charolais (£237) selling to £242 per 100kg for a 260kg Charolais at £630.

Leading prices as follows:


Derrylin producer £1,050 for 2007 cow with heifer calf.


Rosslea producer 500kg Aberdeen Angus to £960 (£192), 360kg Aberdeen Angus to £745, 370kg Aberdeen Angus to £735 and 390kg Aberdeen Angus to £680. Fivemiletown producer 410kg Charolais to £890 (£217), Fivemiletown producer 350kg Charolais to £865 (£247), Lisbellaw producer 340kg Limousin to £830 (£244), 320kg Charolais to £750 and 310kg Limousin to £625. Derrylin producer 300kg Limousin to £785 (£262) and 240kg Charolais to £540. Lisnaskea producer 380kg Limousin to £780 and 330kg Charolais to £735. Rosslea producer 330kg Charolais to £765 (£232), Lisnaskea producer 360kg Charolais to £755. Derrylin producer 290kg Simmental to £720. Mackin producer 320kg Charolais to £720 (£225), Lisgoole producer 330kg Charolais to £660. Derrylin producer 270kg Simmental to £630. Lisnaskea producer 310kg Simmental to £590, 320kg Limousin to £580, 310kg Simmental to £550 and 200kg Simmental to £420.


Mackin producer 510kg Limousin to £900 (£176), 320kg Charolais to £735 and 330kg Charolais to £575. Fivemiletown producer 380kg Charolais to £900 (£237), Brookeborough producer 460kg Limousin to £860. Maguiresbridge producer 330kg Charolais to £735 and 380kg Charolais to £740. Lisnaskea producer 300kg Charolais to £720 (£240) and 260kg Charolais to £565. Derrylin producer 320kg Charolais to £700 and 300kg Limousin to £600. Lisbellaw producer 320kg Limousin to £645, 300kg Charolais to £640, 290kg Limousin to £640 and 260kg Charolais to £630 (£242), Derrylin producer 270kg Charolais to £655 (£242), 290kg Charolais to £635 and 230kg Charolais to £545. Derrylin producer 300kg Charolais to £600. Rosslea producer 340kg Aberdeen Angus to £585.

More stock required to supply a growing demand for all sorts.