Cows and calves sell to £1520 at Lisnaskea

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A seasonal entry of Store Cattle and Weanlings on offer at Lisnaskea on Tuesday, 30th July sold to a good steady demand with Cows and Calves selling to £1520, and £1400, Store Bullocks sold to £900 for 520kg Lim.

Heifers to £965 for 470kg Lim. Weanling Males sold to £875 for 400kg Ch. (£223) and reaching £267 per 100kg for a 200kg Ch. @ £535. Weanling Heifers sold to £735 for a 330kg Ch. (£223) and 700 for a 300kg Ch. (£212)


COWS & CALVES: Magheraveely Producer 07/14 Cow with Bull Calf to £1520, 07/15 Cow with Bull Calf to £1400, and 08/11 Cow to £1320. Derrylin Producer 2nd Calver with Bull Calf to £1200.

STORE BULLOCKS: Newtownbutler Producer 500kg Lim. to £900 (£180) 470kg Lim. to £870, 490kg Lim. to £815, 440kg Lim. to £795, and 420kg Lim. to £730.

STORE HEIFERS: Newtownbutler Producer 470kg Lim. to £965 (£205) Derrylin Producer 440kg Sal. To £800 and 300kg Ch. to £680.

WEANLING STEERS & BULLS: Lisbellaw Producer 400kg Ch. to £875 (£219) and 420kg S/H. to £720. Florencecourt Producer 380kg Lim. to £810. Derrylin Producer 410kg Ch. to £785. Rosslea Producer 350kg Ch. to £770 (£220) Newtownbutler Producer 340kg AA. to £760 (£223) Newtownbutler Producer 370kg Lim. to £755. Magheraveely Producer 310kg Lim. to £745 (£240) 330kg Lim. to £725 (£220) and 190kg Lim. to £430. Newtownbutler Producer 370kg Her. to £705 and 200kg Ch. to £535 (£267)

WEANLING HEIFERS: Rosslea Producer 330kg Ch. to £735 (£223), Derrylin Producer 360kg Ch. to £705 and 320kg Ch. to £645. Newtownbutler Producer 330kg Ch. to £700 and 350kg Lim. to £695. Newtownbutler Producer 340kg Ch. to £690.

More stock needed to supply a growing demand.