Critical vote on glyphosate a top priority for NFU

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NFU President Meurig Raymond is travelling to Strasbourg today to discuss the importance of glyphosate re-authorisation with Members of the European Parliament ahead of a crucial vote this Wednesday.

MEPs will vote on whether the European Parliament will call on the European Commission to halt the re-authorisation of glyphosate and do further analysis into the health and safety risks of Europe’s most commonly used herbicide.

Mr Raymond will take the concerns of thousands of NFU members direct to UK MEPs from all different political parties as well as meeting with Irish, Italian and German MEPs to urge them to vote against the resolution.

He will meet with Paul Brannen MEP (S&D, North East England), Jim Nicholson MEP, (ECR, Northern Ireland), Mairead McGuinness MEP (EPP, Ireland), Paolo de Castro MEP, (S&D, Italy), Albert Dess (EPP, Germany), and Catherine Bearder (Liberal Democrat, South West).

Mr Raymond said: “This is a massive issue for all our members which is why we have been contacting MEPs in huge numbers – the possibility of not re-authorising glyphosate presents all farmers with huge problems.

“Glyphosate is the most widely used herbicide in Europe - not just by farmers, but by gardeners, local authorities and public utilities alike. It allows UK farmers to control weeds in a way that benefits the environment – protecting soil structure and reducing greenhouse gases.

“I am frustrated with the way the European Parliament is handling this issue. This is not about political point scoring; we need to put science ahead of politics.

“We cannot make progress if policy in Europe is determined in this political fashion. We must be led by science.”