Crystalyx planning to have major presence

David Morgan, from Caltech-Crystalyx, will be welcoming visitors on to the company's stand at this year's Winter Fair
David Morgan, from Caltech-Crystalyx, will be welcoming visitors on to the company's stand at this year's Winter Fair

Unlocking the real potential of forage will be the theme addressed by Caltech-Crystalyx, courtesy of the company’s presence at this year’s Royal Ulster Winter Fair.

“Our entire product range has been developed around the principle of allowing ruminant livestock secure higher production levels from forages,” added Caltech’s David Morgan.

“They act to enhance the microbial population of the rumen which, in turn, improves the efficiency of forage digestion.

“With the current pressure of milk prices, dairy farmers have no option but to improve the efficiency of their businesses.

“And, in practical terms, this means getting more milk from forage. Silage remains the most important feed source on local dairy farms throughout the winter months.”

David went on to relate the results of a recent feeding trial carried out at the University of Cracow in Poland, which confirms that the inclusion of Crystalyx Cattle Booster blocks in the rations fed to dairy cows will increase daily milk outputs by two litres per head per day.

“In the trial the Cattle Booster buckets were made available in the recommended manner from the outset of the cows’ lactations. It is standard practice to place an 80 kilo bucket in front of 40 cows. A location adjacent to a water trough is most appropriate,” he said.

“While milk outputs increased significantly, the work also confirmed that forage intakes increased by 20% after the commencement of the trial. So, in other words, the availability of the Cattle Booster buckets served to significantly increase milk output from forage.”

But this is not the end of the good news from a Cattle Booster perspective. A recent research trial carried out at the Agriculture Faculty of Newcastle University and in New Zealand has confirmed that the buckets are the perfect accompaniment for replacement heifers on grazed grass or other forms of forage-only diets.

“Again, the work has shown that the buckets will improve animal performance from forage to the extent that there is no requirement to feed concentrates to weanling heifers, while still achieving that all-important 24 month calving date,” David added.

“An additional benefit of using Cattle Booster with heifers is that the problem of fatty udders, which can severely restrict their future milk potential, does not arise.”

He concluded: “Full details of these trial results will be available from our stand at the Winter Fair. All visitors will be made more than welcome on the day.”