Cullybackey club plays host to annual open show event

The annual Cullybacky three in one Open Show took place in the local clubrooms on Saturday, December 16.

Fanciers again travelled from across the country giving support and the judges travelled from Coleraine. Sean Diamond, the big chief of the North Coast Classic One Loft Race, was joined by T McCrudden, W Murdoch, P O’Connor, and T Scott.

Show sponsors this year were Hayes Garage, Cullybackey, Henry McLoughlan, Blue Sky pigeons, Beatties feeds, Top Flight, and Pennybridge Accounting.

Chairman Neil Anderson thanked all the sponsors, those who supplied prizes, the judges and all those who had supported the event and he congratulated all the winners.

Best in Show and Most Points was won by T & K Mawhinney while Best Opposite Sex was won by W & N Gilbert from Ballymena & District.

For the local club J & J Greer had the Red Card in the Old Bird Eye-sign and J McNaghten & Son were the winners in Young Bird Handled.

Results: Old Bird Through Wires – 1st W & N Gilbert, 2nd V Montgomery, 3rd, VHC & Commended T & K Mawhinney, 4th A Neill, Reserve C McIntyre, HC J McNaghten & Son.

Old Bird Handled – 1st, 2nd, 4th & HC T & K Mawhinney, 3rd W & N Gilbert, Reserve & VHC V Montgomery, Commended F Simpson.

Old Bird Eye-sign – 1st J & J Greer, 2nd & HC W & N Gilbert, 3rd & Reserve D Swann, 4th F Simpson, VHC & Commended B Herbison.

Young Bird Through Wires – 1st, 2nd & HC T & K Mawhinney, 3rd & Reserve B Herbison, 4th & VHC J McNaghten & Son, Commended D Swann.

Young Bird Handled – 1st & Commended J McNaghten & Son, 2nd, 4th & VHC A Neill, 3rd T & K Mawhinney, Reserve W & N Gilbert, HC V Montgomery.

Young Bird Eye-sign – 1st W & N Gilbert, 2nd B Herbison, 3rd, Reserve, VHC, HC & Commended D Swann, 4th J McNaghten & Son.

In the club show series J & J Greer won the Show Shield while young Thomas McFall from Ballymena & District won the Visitor Shield.

On Boxing Day, Kells & District host a three in one Open Show for Old Birds and Young Birds in their local clubrooms. Penning from 11am until 2pm. Six classes in total and prizes for all cards. Entry £1 per bird and specials include best in show and best opposite sex.

The Open Show for Ballymena & District will be Monday, 1st January and that’s the day the draw will be made for the Fireside Quiz. Quiz sheets are available from any member or contact Mrs N Gilbert Tel 07724 507621.

The Open Show is only available for lofts in the NIPA Sect B due to space problems. Penning in the local clubrooms at Fountain Place will be from 11am. Any prizes from the members would be appreciated. Birds on show will qualify to compete for specials in Penzance. If you require more information contact Willy Gilbert on 07761 323459.

The details for the annual dinner and awards for Ballymena & District HPS have been confirmed for Saturday, 13th January 2018 and are as follows: Adults are £20 and Children £10. To secure your tickets a £10.00 deposit (non-refundable) per adult is required. No deposit for children needed.

Anyone wishing to book please contact Nicola Tel: Tel 07724 507621, or PM the Facebook page.

MAC fanciers are also invited to attend and pick up their awards, details of which will be published shortly.

MAC Diploma winners are J Eagleson & Sons (6), Young McManus & Sons (5), D Dixon (4), Gibson & O’Neill (3), F & G & J Dickey (3), J & M Milliken (3), W & J Smyth (2), McFall & McManus (2), W J McLean, Hugh Boyd, M Graham, T & M Morrow, N Bradley and G & A Eagleson.

NIPA Sect B Meeting

A meeting of the Section B Clubs was called for Thursday, December 14, at 8pm in the Ballymena & District Clubrooms. With a terrible week of weather conditions only a handful of local clubs were represented. Delegates attending were G McDowell and J Surgenor from Kells & District, A Darragh and S Steele from Cullybackey, I Stewart from Randalstown, R Service and G Price from Harryville and J Harris and W Reynolds for Ballymena & District.

Willie Reynolds had supplied a written report on the discussion at the most recent NIPA committee meeting held on 29th November.

It was noted Sammy Thompson was nominated to take on the position as patron. This would have to be confirmed at the AGM. The meeting agreed that Sect B would nominate Sammy at the AGM. Proposed by G McDowell sec by A Darragh and passed unanimous.

It was agreed that Willie Reynolds would conduct the meeting. Items raised included the following.

NIPA Committee positions for 2018 season, proposed by A Darragh Sec by R Service that G McDowell and K Kernohan be returned to run the Cullybackey Centre. The other two places members would have to be confirmed at a future meeting since members from Muckamore/Crumlin and Rasharkin/Ballymoney were absent on this occasion.

Two items were put forward by George McDowell, from Kells & Dist, and meeting agreed would be put forward to the NIPA Secretary Fred Russell for inclusion on the AGM Agenda. The secretary has the detailed text.

The first item was dealing with the 5 Bird Championship Classic for Young Birds usually flown in duplicate with the Fermoy race. Probably to be listed as Rule 39A – Birds in both events to be spread over all crates. Proposed by G McDowell and Seconded by A Darragh.

The second item was that each club using ETS Equipment only one system to be used on each version for basketing and race checking re Unikon, Bricon, Tipes etc. Proposed by G McDowell and Seconded by J Surgenor.

Both carried unanimous and the NIPA secretary has the detailed text.

Staying with the ETS it was agreed to put forward a Resolution that states Member Allocation Sheets OB and YB printed on the registered Club Equipment for the season, a copy to be sent and retained in the NIPA Hq for ring verification purposes. Proposed by J Harris and Seconded by R Service and passed.

Finally it was proposed we discontinue with Area Liberations in the opening two weeks of the YB Season and have Mass Liberations instead. Proposed by I Stewart and Sec by G McDowell and passed. The meeting closed at 8.45pm.

Besh wishes

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to fanciers everywhere. Thanks for the help and support over the whole of 2017. Good luck to all lofts racing in 2018 no doubt many with new lofts and new stock.