D & M Farm Services to host machinery demo


D&M Farm Services will host an important machinery demonstration on the farm of Roulston Brothers at Monemore, Newtowncunningham, Co Donegal – next Thursday, February 28th.

“Events get underway at 10.30 and will continue until 1.00pm,” D & M’s William Sayers further explained.

John, Keith and George Roulston milk 400 cows with a high quality TMR used as a crucially important component of the ration offered to the cows.

“The working demonstration will highlight the unique benefits of the new Redrock Fiber Tech mixer feeder and the company’s new All Round Shear Bucket. The Roulstons recently took delivery of a new 24 metre cubed Fiber Tech machine,” William Sayers further explained.

“The use of the All Round Shear Bucket means that all possible forages can be utilised in the new paddle feeder. The bucket, which will be attached to a new 320 JCB telehandler for the purposes of the demonstration, can cut bales in two, thereby rendering the forage within the bale available for mixing.

“A selection of other Redrock diet feeders will also be on site during the period of the demonstration. Refreshments will be available to all those attending. And, of course, everyone will be made more than welcome on the day.”

The Redrock Machinery Fiber-Tech mixer feeders have been designed to meet the specific nutritional requirements of dairy cows, beef cattle and sheep. At the very heart of the new machines is the new Fiber-Tech cutting system.

“This new cutting system ensures that all the components of the diet, including straw, are cut to the precise length in order to encourage optimal rumen function,” explained William Sayers.

“The Fiber Tech system will be offered as standard in the new feeder range.

“The tracker system, another innovative feature of the new mixer feeders, is fully compatible with all herd or farm record systems. At its most basic level it will serve to check the programmed ration against that which is actually fed out. The system will also calculate and register daily feed costs, dry matter intakes and daily refusals.

“The new system also provides an integrated tracker function for online data exchange with nutritionists and advisors,” William Sayers commented

“In essence, the TMR Tracker is an integrated management system, allowing complete on-line data exchange between the farmer and his Redrock nutritionist.

“It can also be used to monitor all aspects of the feeding operation.”

And, of course, the new feeding systems also come with the renowned Redrock reputation for reliability and robustness. Key technical features on the new Fiber Tech feeders include: a high feed discharge rate; easy attachment to the tractor and an automatic lubrication system.

William Sayers concluded: “The new Fiber Tech mixer feeders provide individual customers with the bespoke feeding systems they require for their businesses.”