DAERA urges farmers to submit Single Application now

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The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Development (DAERA) is urging farmers to submit their online Single Application as soon as possible as only 32% of total expected Applications have been received.

Head of Area Based Schemes at DAERA, Jason Foy, has appealed to farmers not to take unnecessary risks by assuming their application could be straightforward.

He said: “We expect to receive approximately 25,000 Single Applications and to date we have received 8,000 (approximately 32%).

“With the closing date of 15 May fast approaching, I would urge farmers to begin completing your online Single Application now as there may be additional actions you may need to take and this will only become clear once you begin the application process. If this is the case and you leave it until the last few days it increases the risk of your application being late and a penalty being applied.

“If farmers are considering making applications for the first time for the young farmers’ payment, or for entitlements from the regional reserve, it’s particularly important to get started right away, there’s some documentary evidence that needs to be provided to demonstrate that the young farmer is head of the business.”

Jason Foy added that for farmers who may require assistance with their online Single Application there are a number of options available.

He continued: “DAERA staff are ready to provide assistance to farmers in a number of ways.”

The closing date for submitting the Single Application Form (SAF) is midnight Tuesday 15 May 2018. Applications submitted after this date will incur a penalty.