Dairy auction shows price rise of 1.4%


The latest GlobalDairyTrade Auction has shown an increase in the milk price.

GlobalDairyTrade Event 159 concluded with the GDT Price Index up 1.4%.

Key results are as follows:

AMF index down 8.3%, average price US$3,254/MT

Butter index down 0.5%, average price US$2,811/MT

BMP index down 2.9%, average price US$1,452/MT

Ched index down 0.7%, average price US$2,528/MT

LAC index up 7.9%, average price US$613/MT

RenCas index up 14.9%, average price US$4,569/MT

SMP index up 1.3%, average price US$1,802/MT

WMP index up 5.5%, average price US$1,974/MT