Dairy crisis: 9.3 per-cent fall in latest Global Dairy Trade auction

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Prices have slumped again in the latest Fonterra Global Dairy (GDT) Auction, held earlier today (4th August).

This is the tenth negative auction in a row for prices. Average prices paid at the auction fell 9.3% to $1,815.

There were 152 participating bidders for 46,527 (MT)

These results will only add to ongoing concerns over the state of the global dairy industry, which has seen protests by farmers held at supermarkets across the UK in recent days.

Results are as follows:

•AMF index down 11.7%, average price US$2,253/MT

•Butter index down 6.1%, average price US$2,293/MT

•BMP index down 5.1%, average price US$1,700/MT

•Ched index up 0.2%, average price US$2,663/MT

•LAC index unchanged, average price US$535/MT

•RenCas index down 2.7%, average price US$5,289/MT

•SMP index down 14.4%, average price US$1,419/MT

•WMP index down 10.3%, average price US$1,590/MT