Dairy heifer rearing meeting is one not to be missed!

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The results of a key dairy heifer rearing project that was undertaken by Bonanza Calf Nutrition, in association with John Thompson & Sons, will be unveiled a farmers’ meeting taking place on Tuesday, October 3rd.

The venue is the City Hotel, Armagh, starting at 7.30pm.

The project entailed a survey of 33 dairy farms over a year-long period, assessing the growth rates achieved by replacement heifers up to 15-months’ old. The work was carried out by Jemma McHugh. It was the focus of her gap year studies from Queen’s University Belfast. She is about to resume her final year course work as an Agricultural Technology undergraduate.

The farms involved were customers of either Bonanza Calf Nutrition or John Thompson & Sons, but not exclusive to both.

Jemma will provide an overview of the project at the upcoming meeting.

Jemma (centre) was out on farm earlier this week with James Gabbey, from John Thompson & Sons, and Bonanaza Calf Nutrition’s Dr Christine Cummins