Dale Farm has ‘an interest’ in LacPatrick developments

Nick Whelan,  Group Chief Executive at Dale Farm.
Nick Whelan, Group Chief Executive at Dale Farm.

Dale Farm has ‘an interest’ in the current developments at LacPatrick, Group Chief Executive Nick Whelan has confirmed.

Earlier this week the Board of LacPatrick Co-Op announced its intention to seek a joint venture, partnership or merger with another milk processor.

The announcement was made after an emergency meeting held following a decision on Friday to cut milk prices by a further 2p/l for March supplies taking the base price to 25p.

In a statement today, Dale Farm’s Nick Whelan stated: “As the largest farmer-owned dairy cooperative in Northern Ireland, and indeed the UK, Dale Farm has been made aware of the situation at LacPatrick and we have an interest in these developments.”

Formerly United Dairy Farmers, Dale Farm is owned by over 1,300 dairy farmers across the UK and the company is set to report strong financial results for 2017 for the third year running.

LacPatrick is Northern Ireland’s third largest milk buyer.