Dale Farm increases its milk price to over 27p/l

Cows out at pasture
Cows out at pasture

Dale Farm is raising its base milk price by 1 pence per litre effective from 1 November.

This follows increases in July, August, September and October. When the increase is applied, this will take the total price paid to farmers to over 27p/l for milk of average constituents.

Commenting on the decision, Dale Farm Group Chairman, John Dunlop, said: “This is the fifth consecutive month that Dale Farm has increased its milk price, resulting in an uplift of almost 10p/l since 1 July - a further positive move for our farmer owners, which equates to almost £80m extra over 12 months. On top of this we also paid a 4p/l bonus on additional milk produced, as part of a milk production scheme. The initiative was hugely successful and resulted in an additional 0.274p/l in November across the milk pool – an increase which will make a significant difference to our contributing members.

“We continue to work with our customers to secure much needed market returns. This involves remaining focused on driving dairy consumption and value for consumers through new innovations including Dale Farm Vitamin D Milk, Dale Farm Pots of Goodness yogurts, Dale Farm Protein Milk, and existing hero brands Dromona, Spelga and Fivemiletown.

“The launch of Dale Farm’s ‘Farmers Milk’ in ASDA last month was another welcome boost to our dairy farmers, especially during winter months when they have additional costs. Research shows that knowing where food comes from, and who will benefit from its purchase, influences how people fill their shopping basket. Consumers seem willing to pay more if they know it goes directly to the farmers that produce it.”