DARD support to help implement new Reservoirs Act

Measures to reduce the risk of flooding from reservoirs have now been formally made into law, Agriculture and Rural Development Minister Michelle O’Neill has announced.

The Minister has also pledged support from staff in her Department’s Rivers Agency to help reservoir managers understand and comply with the new Reservoirs Act.

The Minister said: “This is an important piece of legislation that was subjected to a very high degree of scrutiny in the Assembly.

“It ensures that those managing and operating reservoirs, capable of holding 10,000 cubic metres or more of water, do so to industry standards, thereby reducing the risk of flooding from an uncontrolled release of water due to dam failure. I fully appreciate that many of the requirements contained in this legislation will be new to the majority of reservoir managers. However, staff in my Department’s Rivers Agency will work with reservoir managers to help them understand and comply with their responsibilities under this new Act.”