DCC dual-chamber cow waterbed is leading the way in cow comfort

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All-Ireland distributor of the DCC Waterbed John Porter Engineering Limited have been experiencing increasing interest in the DCC waterbed since they launched the product in Ireland at the 2017 Winter Fair in the Eikon Exhibition Centre.

The DCC Waterbed was first developed in the USA in 2003 with the latest DCC ISO version launched in 2013. With over one million sold in over 30 countries worldwide they have a proven track record for comfort and reliability over a lifespan of 15-20 years.

Its key design feature is that it has two independent water filled chambers unlike a more traditional single chamber waterbed. The smaller front chamber is designed to cushion the cow’s knees as she descends, retaining the water where it is needed. The larger rear chamber supports and floats her bodyweight once she is in the lying position.

The DCC Waterbed provides a more comfortable lying environment by reducing pressure points as the cow “floats” above the hard concrete surface underneath the waterbed. This in turn leads to a reduction in hock sores and increases cow lying time. It returns to its original shape every time, with the convex surface helping to shed any water, which along with the heat stored in the water means the surface dries quickly. The waterbeds are installed as a continuous roll, manufactured to suit a variety of cubicle spacings, which gives less opportunity for dirt build up. This all leads to a reduction in bacteria and SCC in the herd.

John has already installed the DCC waterbed on several farms, including his own, and reaction from farmers has been very positive, with several opting to install more after seeing the results for themselves.

The first farm that they were installed on featured on RTE 1’s Ploughing Live during September with farmer Robin Thompson of Castlevennon Holsteins informing viewers that his herd of cows had a clear preference for the DCC Waterbed over traditional matts, and that they are planning to install more waterbeds in the coming months.

Feedback like this is great although not unexpected says John, as having travelled to Holland to visit several farms with these installed and heard from farmers there he is confident that the benefits of a more contented healthy cow will be clear to see for farmers in Ireland. Having recently installed waterbeds during a refurbishment of an existing shed he is more than happy for potential customers to arrange a visit to see the benefits for themselves.

The DCC Dual-Chamber Cow Waterbed and other dairy housing products from Spinder Dairy Housing, alongside a range of LED lighting, Light ridges, Stainless Steel Drinkers and Ventilation Curtains manufactured by Arntjen of Germany are available from John Porter Engineering Ltd throughout Ireland.

For more information and to view the range of housing products available please call at stand L94, Logan Hall at the Winter fair in the Eikon Exhibition Centre on Thursday 13th December or contact John by telephone or email.

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