December bull proofs revealed

Dam of Midwolder K&L Deliberate?
Dam of Midwolder K&L Deliberate?

Kyle Henry, NI Dairy Product Specialist, comments: “We are delighted to welcome some impressive new additions to our current sire line-up.

With their collective high type, PLI and exceptional health and fitness traits, our new graduates both enhance and build upon the strength of our existing stud.”

Some of the highlights from the December proofs are:

Current Genomic

ABS Achiever – Yoder x Alta Embassey x Robust, who was our first Icon sire. He now scores £752 PLI and has an amazing 73kgs of fat and protein with an exceptional fat deviation of (+0.3%) and a Lifespan score of (+0.6).

ABS Mayday – Tailor x Balisto x Ostyle, remains one of our flagship bulls, scoring £745 of PLI. He combines solid production with over 60kgs fat and protein with huge deviations of (+0.16) fat and (+0.11) protein.

K&L BO Darwin – Board x Balisto x Delta G Force with a PLI of £712 has a different sire stack and a balanced production proof with over 50kg fat and protein, positive components (+0.11%) fat and (+0.11%) protein. He has breed leading SCC at (-36) and extreme lifespan (+0.6).

Vortex Lexxi Foxx – Battlecry x Fanatic x Beacon who improves his PLI to £709. He has solid production +644kg milk 67.7kg combined fat and protein fantastic components (+0.17) fat and (+0.08) protein as well as exceptional fertility (+8.3).

New Graduates Genomic

OCD Jaguar – Modesty x Jacey x Robust. One of our first Modesty sons who scores £742 for PLI with outstanding fertility (+11.5) and great components with exceptional lifespan (+0.7) and great locomotion +1.42.

Cal-Roy-Al-Yoda- Jedi x Yoder x Headliner With a PLI of £732 becomes our 2nd Icon sire. He combines extreme production +1082kg milk, a massive 48.7kg and (+0.07%) of fat and 38.8kg and 0.04% of protein. With +0.5 lifespan and +2.39 type he is an impressive all round sire.

Wiltor Bestman – Tailor x Robust x Lewis has a PLI of £725, with superior lifespan (+0.8). He has great production figures carrying +964kgs of milk with over 60kgs of combined fat and protein, moderate size and excellent udders, Bestman is best for profit.

Midwolder K & L Deliberate - Jetset x Platinum x GForce . This impressive sire has unique bloodlines and a PLI of £711 with solid production (+503kg) milk >65kg Fat and Protein with exceptional components (+0.19%) fat and (+0.16) protein. Breed leading (-28 SCC) and Lifespan (+0.5), backed by the outstanding Southland Dellia cow family .

K+L LZ Conan Red - PP Lazar P x Balisto x Lawnboy. A hugely exciting sire for the Polled market. He is the no 1 red and white polled/ homozygous polled sire in the world with a PLI of £700. Solid production +433kg of milk over 40kg fat and protein, (+0.12%) fat, (+0.7) lifespan, (+9.3) fertility and he’s red!

Kyle concludes: “Our Friesian stud continues to produce exciting sires. Catlane Chad was a breed leading sire and he is continuing his legacy through his sons.” Kyle continues: “Both Samson and Jacob who is bred in Northern Ireland are exciting additions to our breeding programme.”

Goonhilly Samson - Chad x Hylke x Corsair With a PLI of £433 he is the number 1 genomic Friesian bull. He has solid production (+142kg) milk (+0.11) fat and (+0.09) protein excellent lifespan (+0.4) and exceptional calving ease (+1.6)

Dungormley Chad Jacob – Chad x Benloyal x Hylke Bred by Alan Johnston from Co Armagh has a PLI of £394. He is an exciting Chad son with +136kg milk positive components (+0.14%) fat and (0.07%) protein. He will breed black well fleshed heifers with extreme calving ease (+1.3).

For further details on any of these sires call at the Genus ABS stand at the Winter Fair or telephone the office on 028 38 331451.