December proofs released - Genus are in the lead with top four sires

Trix daughter, Owerhall Trix Countess
Trix daughter, Owerhall Trix Countess

In a fantastic December proof run Genus ABS now have four of the top five Genomic PLI Sires with semen actively marketed, including the No 2 Genomic sire, Denovo Atrium who is the highest PLI sire with semen available.

“Genus ABS also has 46 of the top 50 Genomic PLI sires - 29 more than our nearest competitors. In addition we have the No1 PLI daughter proven bull Larcrest Commend and the No1 Genomic Friesian bull Peartree Bryster,” a delighted Kyle Henry, Dairy Product Specialist for GB and NI reports.

He added: “We are delighted to welcome some impressive new additions to our current sire line-up including a number of new Icon Sires.”

Highlights from the December proofs are:

New Graduates Genomic

New Icon Sire Wilra ABS Amplify - Achiever x Embassy x Robust. With a PLI of £844 he is our highest new bull available, with solid production (+654kg) milk, phenomenal fat (+41.7kgs) with an overall combined (+75.2kg) of fat and protein. With positive deviation of (+0.19% ) protein, (+9.8) fertility and outstanding lifespan (+0.7).

New Icon Sire Mr Ri-Val-Re Free Billy –Achiever x Rubicon x Oak. PLI £788. He has elite production (+846kgs) of milk. Billy really ticks the boxes for all our customers an incredible (+87.9kgs) of combined fat and protein! (+0.23%) fat and (0.08%) protein. He also provides lots of chest width (+0.75).

New Icon Sire Denovo Afton - Achiever x Delta x Platinum PLI £701 Another fantastic Achiever son. He has (+657kgs) milk over (+57.4kg) of Fat and protein. He has an ideal type linear with an overall type merit of (+2.65) lots of strength and power (+0.6) chest width and will prove to be particularly long lasting with a lifespan of (+0.6), (+12.7) fertility index and is also positive for teat length (+0.06).

Bomaz Accolade - Topshot x Embassy x Robust PLI £764. He is an outstanding young prospect (+560kg) milk (+62kg) combined fat and protein. (+0.20%) fat (+0.06%) protein (-19%) SCC fantastic fertility (+8.3) and calving ease (+0.5).

Carnhill Cu Chulainn – Blackjack x Uno x Planet PLI £773 Chulainn. Bred by Conor Casey in Mid Antrim this super young bull has solid production (+614kgs), (+58.8kgs) combined fat and protein and tremendous fat % (+0.16). He really excels for health traits (-26%) SCC (+13.6) fertility and (+0.6) lifespan.

Current Genomic Line-up

Icon Sire ABS Atrium—Achiever x Delta x Supersire. With a PLI of £878 he is the No2 PLI sire in the UK and the No 1 PLI sire with semen available! One of the first ABS Achiever son’s he has great production of (+723kg) milk, combined (72.1kg) Fat and Protein. Positive deviations (+0.19%) fat (+0.04%) protein,(+12.5) fertility and (+ 0.6) Lifespan.

Icon Sire ABS Crimson – Spectre x Rubicon x Oak. This fantastic young bull has £853 of PLI (+912kg) milk (+79.4kg) of fat and protein, positive deviations (+0.14%) fat and (+0.02%) protein. He also excels for Health traits (-19%) SCC (+9.9) fertility and (+0.6) Lifespan.

Icon Sire ABS Outback – Spectre x Troy x Supersire. Outback retains his place in the top 5 of the genomic young bull rankings with a PLI of £847. He has great production (+783kg) milk (+64.7kg) combined fat and protein. He also has positive deviations with (+0.05%) fat and (+0.05%) protein, breed leading fertility (+12.5) and extreme calving ease (+1.4).

Icon Sire Glamour Boghill Victor – Verona x Supershot x Uno. This outstanding young sire bred in North Antrim by the Glamour Boghill syndicate has a PLI of £824. He has great production (+959kgs) milk and (+65.9kg) combined fat and protein. He really excels in his health traits (-28%) SCC, (+8.3) fertility and an overall lifespan of (+0.6)

Icon Sire Bomaz Skywalker – Jedi x Cabriolet x Mogul, who scores £768 for PLI. A great all round Sire! (+692kg) milk, combined (+62.1kg) of fat and protein, positive deviations (+0.05%) fat and (+0.09%) protein. He also has (+10.4) fertility and a has a type score of (+2.39).

Proven New

Topcroft Pesky Trix – Pesky x Iota x Mascol. Trix graduates to the proven lineup with a PLI of £650. He has solid production traits (+54.5kg) of fat and protein combined, exceptional components (+0.12) fat and (0.11) protein. With (-17%) SCC, (+11.8) fertility and with (+0.2) calving ease he will prove to be popular.

De-Su 12147 Allstar – Balisto x Uno x Massey. This impressive sire has a PLI of £573. He is proving to be a solid production bull (+732kg) milk (55.1kg) of fat and protein combined (+0.08%) protein. He really excels for SCC (-16%). He also adds chest width (+0.87).

Current Genomic Line-up

Larcrest Commend – Balisto x Robust X Mac. He continues to be popular with all our customers with an impressive PLI of £777! He has (+519kg) milk (+64.6kg) fat and protein this bull really excels with his deviations (+0.22%) fat and (0.11%) protein. He also excels on SCC (-16%) and double digit fertility (+12.1).

Friesian Genomic

Peartree Bryster – Chad x Hylke x Chatsworth. He is the number 1 Genomic Friesian bull with a PLI of £494. An exciting Chad son with (+325kg) milk positive components (+0.07%) fat and (+0.09%) protein.

He will breed black well fleshed heifers with extreme calving ease (+1.6). He is proving to be extremely popular with customers as he is also available Sexed.

Goonhilly Samson- Chad x Hylke x Corsair. With a PLI of £482 he is the number 2 genomic Friesian bull. He has solid production (+151kg) milk (+0.07%) fat and (+0.09%) protein excellent lifespan (+0.4) and exceptional calving ease (+1.6).