Delaneys enjoy Rosscarbery win

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The final race of the NIPA season for young birds was delayed for over a week due to unfavourable weather conditions.

The birds were eventually race marked Saturday and released in Rosscarbery on Sunday 17th September at 11.15am in a light northeast wind. Conditions were not good enough to release any earlier and with no helping wind it appears to have been a tough race for all. A small handful of birds made it into Derry City before dark.

The overall winners were the Oroory Hill partnership of Mr and Mrs Gerald Delaney who race with Dromore HPS, a yard clear of Jeff Greenaway.

NIPA Rosscarbery YB Nat 303/3023

1-1G M/M G Delaney Dromore 1289, 2-1D J Greenaway Dromore 1288, 3-2G Delaney and McCambridge Harmony 1287, 4-2D J and D Coburn and Sons Hills and Maze 1285, 5-1C Gregg Bros and McCandless Titanic 1284, 6-2C Gregg Bros and McCandless 1284, 7-3C Gregg Bros and McCandless 1282, 8-3G M/M G Delaney 1276, 9-1B McConville Bros Crumlin and Dist 1269, 10-3D J Greenaway 1267, 11-4C M/M G Robinson Carrick Soc 1253, 12-1A I Blair Dungannon 1252, 13-4D J Greenaway 1251, 14-5D J Greenaway 1251, 15-1E G Buckley and Son Annaghmore 1251, 16-6D I Blair 1245, 17-4G R Williamson Newry and Dist 1245, 18-2E R Parkes and Son Armagh 1244, 19-5C Gregg Bros and McCandless 1244, 20-6C Whiteside Bros Eastway 1242.

Lisburn Centre Rosscarbery – M/M G Delaney Dromore 1289, J Greenaway Dromore 1288, Delaney and McCambridge Harmony 1287, J and D Coburn and Sons Lisburn 1285, Gregg Bros and McCandless Titanic 1284, 1284, 1282, M/M G Delaney 1276, J Greenaway 1267, 1251.

Muckamore Centre Rosscarbery 10/79 – McConville Bros Crumlin 1269, McConville Bros 1184, McConville Bros 1183, Thompson Bros Crumlin 1154, Thompson Bros 1152, McConville Bros 1143, S Maginty Muckamore 1111, Thompson Bros 1092, McConville Bros 1085, K Wilkinson and Son New Antrim 1080.

Cullybackey Centre Rosscarbery 34/317 – Young McManus and Sons Ahoghill 1234, Young McManus and Sons 1220, J and M Milliken Rasharkin 1214, Young McManus and Sons 1205, J Eagleson and Sons Ballymena 1188, J Eagleson and Sons 1154, J Eagleson and Sons 1149, J Eagleson and Sons 1148, J Rock Harryville 1144, W and J McLean Rasharkin 1141.

Coleraine Centre Rosscarbery – D and H Stuart Ballymoney 1186, Diamond Bros and G McLaughlin Coleraine Prem 1167, D Dixon Ballymoney 1154, E and D Tosh Coleraine Prem 1152, Diamond Bros and G McLaughlin 1149, D and H Stuart 1144, D and H Stuart 1138, D Dixon 1137, D Dixon 1131, B and T McCrudden Coleraine and Co Derry 1126.

Derry Centre Rosscarbery – E Quigley Amelia Earhart 1059, T Bradley Foyle 1019, P Maxwell Foyle 1001, J and G Ramsey Derry and Dist 996, D Booth Foyle 993, P Maxwell 924.

Rosscarbery Nat 17/09/17 - Lib 11.15am, wind Lt North East

Sect A 21/239 – I Blair Dungannon, 1252, 1241, G and S Smith Cookstown 1230, B Morgan Coalisland 1226, I Blair 1217, G and S Smith 1189, D Carolan Coalisland 1182, G and S Smith 1181, 1181, S Hughes Coalisland 1178.

NIPA Sect A Clubs

Coalisland and District – B Morgan 1226, D Carolan 1182, S Hughes 1178, 1178.

Coleraine Premier HPS – Diamond Bros and G McLaughlin 1167, E and D Tosh 1152, Diamond Bros and G McLaughlin 1149, T and J McDonald 1117.

Coleraine and County Derry – B and T McCrudden 1126, 1091.

Cookstown Social – G and S Smith 1230, 1189, 1181, 1181.

Dungannon and District HPS – I Blair 1252, 1241, 1217, 1146.

Windsor Social 7/54 – K Glass 1102, R and J Parke 1069, A and M Boyle 1066, G Donaghy Son and Grandson 1060.

Sect H 20/91 – S Eglington Omagh and Dist 1129, E Quigley Amelia Earhart 1059, S Eglington 1027, T Bradley Foyle 1019, P Maxwell Foyle 1001, J Ramsey and Son Derry and Dist 996.

NIPA Sect H Clubs

Amelia Earhart – E Quigley 1059.

Derry and District 3/11 – Jim and Gary Ramsey 996.

Foyle RPS – Tony Bradley 1019, Paul Maxwell 1001, 924.

Omagh and District – Stevie Eglington 1129, 1027.

Sect B 46/420 – McConville Bros Crumlin and Dist 1269, Young McManus and Sons Ahoghill 1234, 1220, J and M Milliken Rasharkin and Dist 1214, Young McManus and Sons 1205, J Eagleson and Sons Ballymena and Dist 1188, D and H Stuart Ballymoney 1186, McConville Bros 1184, 1181, J Eagleson and Sons 1154.

NIPA Sect B Clubs

Ahoghill Flying Club - Young McManus and Sons 1234, 1220, 1205, M/M Robinson 1122.

Ballymena and District 4/33 - J Eagleson and Sons 1188, 1154, 1149, 1148.

Ballymoney – D and H Stuart 1187, D Dixon 1154, D and H Stuart 1144, 1138.

BroughshaneandDist HPS 3/22 – D Houston and Son 1091.

Cullybackey HPS – C McIntyre 1098, J and J Greer 1059, C McIntyre 1051, D Robinson 1051.

Crumlin and District – McConville Bros 1269, 1184, 1183, Thompson Bros 1154.

Harryville HPS – Jimmy Rock 1144, 1127.

Kells and District 3/19 – Surgenor Bros 1094, A Barkley and Son 1016, 1015, 995. Sizzlers 2 Bird Club – A Barkley and Son 1016, 995.

Muckamore HPS 4/30 – Sam Maginty 1111, D J Thompson 1047, S Maginty 1035, D J Thompson 1006.

New Antrim Amalgamated – K Wilkinson and Son 1080, 1023, McFall and McManus 902.

Randalstown HPS 3/35 – W and W Gilbert 1019, 952.

Rasharkin and Dist – J and M Milliken 1214, W and J McLean 1141, J and M Milliken 1137, W and J McLean 1129. D Dixon – 1154, 1137, 1131, 1114, 1113, 1113.

Sect E 63/643 – G Buckley and Son Annaghmore 1251, R Parkes and Son Armagh 1244, G Buckley and Son 1236, 1229, Hagan and Rowney Portadown and Drumcree 1226, G Buckley and Son 1221, A Craig Laurelvale 1213, D and B Lyness Lurgan Soc 1208, D Scott Glenavy 1207, A Craig 1206.

NIPA Sect E Clubs

Annaghmore – G Buckley and Son 1251, 1236, 1229, 1221.

Armagh – R Parkes and Son 1244, D C and P McArdle 1185, R Parkes and Son 1180, E and M Curran 1151.

Beechpark Social – R Bothwell 1203, 1185.

Blackwatertown HPS – Joe Brown 1188, Collins and Douglas 1161, Joe Brown 1157, 1150.

Bondhill – Capper Bros 1168, 1161.

Edgarstown – S and E Buckley 1184, R Bell and Sons 1170, S and E Buckley 1166, G and T Ritchie 1132.

Gilford and District – Fitzpatrick and Hyde 1202.

Laurelvale – A Craig 1213, 1206, 1189, 1181.

Lurgan Social – D and B Lyness 1208, J Douglas and Son 1186, D and B Lyness 1157, K Henderson and Son 1157.

Markethill – K and R Black 1191, 1161.

Monaghan – Cooney Bros 1186.

Portadown and Drumcree 7/80 – Hagan and Rowney 1226, 1190, 1184, Larkin Bros 1183.

Wilton Cross – G Douglas 1184, T Fitzpatrick 1180 Gold Ring winner, G Douglas 1167, 1161.

Amelia Earhart YB Final Race report and YB


With the final race now over us after a week delay due to poor weather; all eyes were on the loft of Tommy White to take the final red card from the Rosscarberry Young Bird National.

Being liberated at 11.15am into a light Northeast wind turning variable on route and throughout the day, seven club members entered 25 pigeons into the last race of the year. From speaking to various people from the club and local fanciers it seemed that a steady and fairly easy enough race was anticipated.

How wrong we all were. With just under 80 pigeons entered through the centre it was a surprise to see that only six made it home at centre opening. The winning bird took just under seven hours to fly the (near) 250 mile race. Looking at performances in Rosscarberry over the years and in particular during the old bird season (2017), no one could rule out Eamonn Quigley for this race.

As we all know it’s a tricky racepoint to clock from into the northwest of Ireland; but my money was certainly on Eamonn due to previous performances winning the Old Bird inland National Rosscarberry, and 1st Yearling hens Rosscarberry... his birds are certainly bred for the job. It was no surprise to me, but may have been for others that Taking 1st club, 1st Derry Centre (awaiting final section position) went to Eamonn clocking his Suity Blue hen bred down from his Lesley Woodside Kenyons at 18.09hrs bringing his total wins for the year to five. Gallant effort from Eamonn and his pigeon. Eamonn sent a total of eight birds and four more made the 249 miles 582 yards route home this morning. Unfortunately he didn’t clock these as he had already won the race. Excellent result Eamonn and leaving Amelia Earhart in prime position in the town this year with a good team effort from other fanciers.

The final race club positions from Rosscarberry YB

1st Eamonn Quigley 1059.871. 2nd Day arrivals - 2nd Andy Mitchell 559.364, 3rd S and P Campbell 404.784.

Young Bird Averages Top 5 at club were - Tommy White 38, M and M Rabbett 24, Noel Doherty 19, Eamonn Quigley 14, Jimmy Quigley and Son 12.

Paddy best in the

Cullybackey Centre

Paddy McManus from Ahoghill had the best card in the final race of the season from Rosscarbery, he timed the winner at 5.14pm flying 252 miles to The Croft. J and M Millikewn and W J McLean were well placed for Rasharkin and J Eagleson and Sons had the early arrivals in Ballymena and District.

MAC Rosscarbery Nat - Young McManus and Sons Ahoghill 1234, Young McManus and Sons 1220, J and M Milliken Rasharkin 1214, Young McManus and Sons 1205, J Eagleson and Sons Ballymena 1188, J Eagleson and Sons 1154, D Dixon Rasharkin 1154, J Eagleson and Sons 1149, J Eagleson and Sons 1148, W and J McLean Rasharkin 1141, J and M Milliken 1137, D Dixon 1137, D Dixon 1131, W and J McLean 1129, J and M Milliken 1129. Danny Dixon wins the YB Knock-Out. Hard luck on W and J Smyth of Ballymena who had the birds on natural and like a number of other local lofts pulled the plug early. What a run they had knocking out the Highest Prize-winners in Randalstown, Rasharkin, Ahoghill and their own club Ballymena and District.

First and third for

Diamond and McLaughlin

Big well done to Diamond and McLaughlin finishing off the season with another win in the hard young bird race today from Rosscarbery and winning first in the Coleraine Triangle on velocity 1167.

The winning bird today was a Lambrecht from Nehsholme and McCardle. In second is club-mate big Lugsy of the E and D Tosh team, well done.

Coleraine Triangle Rosscarbery – Diamond Bros and G McLaughlin Coleraine Prem 1167, E and D Tosh Coleraine Prem 1152, Diamond Bros and G McLaughlin 1149, B and T McCrudden Coleraine and Co Derry 1126, T and J McDonald Coleraine Prem 1117, K Glass Windsor Soc 1102, Hanson and Harpur Coleraine Prem 1101, D Coyle and Son Coleraine Prem 1101, Hanson and Harpur 1099, B and T McCrudden 1091, Hanson and Harpur 1086, T and J McDonald 1084, R and J Parke Windsor Soc 1069, G Donaghy Son and Grandson Windsor Soc 1060, R McAlary Coleraine Prem 1059.

The RPRA (Irish Region) details are listed in the recent BHW, all claims by 2nd October 2017. Mileage Awards are as usual – 0-250 Miles, 251-450 Miles, Over 450 Miles, Best Single Bird Performance OB or YB, Young Fancier for any of the above 8-16yrs racing on own. Finally Club Secretary to submit claims for Single Bird Performance Talbenny (2) and Penzance. Application Forms available from Region Secretary with SAE to M/M Reid, 131 North Road, Carrickfergus, Co Antrim. BT38 7QJ. An Irish Region meeting of Appeals Committee will be held on Saturday 7th October in the Templeton Hotel, Templepatrick at 1.30pm.

Claims for all the NIPA Average Cups and various awards must be forwarded immediately after the Rosscarbery Nat, we are already a week behind, please assist.

UK and ROI Golden Duif Competition – Ace racers should take note of this new competition. With the season now drawing to a close we are sending out entry forms for this year’s UK and ROI Golden Duif Awards. If you would like an entry form please email me on and I will reply with it attached. We already have some excellent entries from across the UK and ROI so don\’t be left out, very easy to complete.

Secretary of Mid Antrim Combine Willie Reynolds must have all claims and trophies by 30th September. Old Bird Inland Average, Cross Channel Average, Old Bird Ave, B Eagleson Memorial Cup best average Talbenny (1) and (2), Bude and Penzance, Old Bird of the Year, Young Bird Ave, New North Cup best average Bude and Talbenny YB, Combine Average, and Young Bird of the Year.

Dungannon Club, Lucky Dip Breeder/Racer from Talbenny Young Bird National 26/08/17 - 1st Ian Blair (Racer) £100, C Reid (Breeder) £100, 2nd W Lecky (Racer) £50, C Reid (Breeder) £50. Well done to Ian and Billy.

Skibbereen Young Bird Inland National.

Friday 15th September 2017. 255 Members have entered 2253 pigeons in the race and are competing for £9211.00 in pools and prize money. The pigeons have been liberated at 08:30 into a light westerly wind.

Provisional Top 5 in each INFC Section.

South Sect - 1 Leonard and De Ridder Ind. South 1417, 2 B. Cullimore Wexford 1413, 3 A. Hillis Wexford 1404, 4 and 5 Dobbs Bros Wexford 1395 and 1395

Middle Sect - 1 D. Tierney Sarsfield 1358, 2 and 4 N. and N. Smith Greenhills 1354 and 1288, 3 Brady and Burton Sallynoggin 1293, 5 Boylan Family Cabra 1283

North Sect - 1 Mr and Mrs G. Delaney Dromore 1193, 2 H. McAvoy Harmony 1192, 3 Delaney and McCambridge Harmony 1191, 4 J. F. McCabe and Son Newry 1178, 5 Donnelly Bros Millvale 1173.

All positions subject to change.

Well done to Sheldon leonard/de ridder racing to Arklow, 1st National Skibbereen today with a 100% Van den Baulk - sire Jack Daniels direct Baulk, dam direct daughter of Kittel. Full detailed report will follow from Brendan McLaughlin.

Muckamore Centre Skibbereen YB Nat – Bingham and Seaton Ligoniel 1112, P McGarrity Crumlin 1090, P and C Carson Fortfield 1086, Fegan and McAdorey Alexandra 1083, P and C Carson 1080, Grattan Bros Eastway 1069, J Eagleson and Sons Ballymena and Dist 1064, McMurray and Anderson Ligoniel 1057, D McElhone Eastway 1032, G and R Lawrie Ballyclare 1020, Thompson Bros Crumlin 1013, D Dixon Ballymoney 1004, N J Arthurs Ballycarry 1004, F Simpson Doagh and Dist 999, Bingham and Seaton 999, A Darragh Cullybackey 999, Thompson Bros 998, D McClelland Ballyclare 990.

MAC Skibbereen - J Eagleson and Sons Ballymena and District 1064, Danny Dixon Rasharkin and District 1004.

INFC Clubs Skibbereen

Wexford North and South – B Cullimore 1413, Adam Hillis 1404, Dobbs Bros 1395, 1395, 1393, P Quirke 1384, B Cullimore 1358, Dobbs Bros 1355, 1354, B Cullimore 1350.

Gorey RPS – J Whittaker 1364, 1319.

Sarsfield RPC – D Tierney 1358, 1269, 1225.

Wicklow South Road – S Duffy 1354, T Smyth 1348.

Greenhills – N and N Smith 1354, 1288.

Rathnew – Gregory Bros 1336.

Arklow United RPC – G and M Doyle 1326.

Newtown Kilpedder – G and T Murphy 1303,.

Sallynoggin 7/60 – Brady and Burton 1293, 1280, Matthews and Kelly 1219, 1219, 1214, 1204, Brady and Burton 1201, Brady and Burton, Brady and Burton, Matthews and Kelly. Well done John on a fantastic performance from this years YB Skibbereen national finishing 1st , 2nd , 7th , 8th and 9th clubalso 2nd and 3rd East Coast Federation and 3rd and 6th Middle section what a way to end the year in true style. John is also confirmed as the overall yb average winner in the club this year which really puts the icing on the cake.

Todays winner also finishing 2nd fed 3rd middle section is a smashing red cock sent sitting eggs to the national having been in tremendous form this young game cock has now 4 prize cards to his name this season and has also been there to score in other races only for a 3 bird clock limit in the club races john tells me this cock is from a kit of 6 ybs he chose to try at the beginning of the year advertised on Facebook from ian weekly

Johns second bird finishing 2nd club 3rd fed 6th middle section is also another bird in great form having picked up a couple of prizes previous to skibbereen, john tells me this pigeon was sent to the national sitting a youngster and is bred down from his van herck lines from Billy Harris when paired to louis tees hen well done again john on a fantastic result and a fantastic season. Thats a wrap for the Sallynoggin hps loft reports for the season, thanks for reading and see you all next season. Stephen O’Brien PO.

Cabra – Boylan and Family 1283, 1227, 1214, 1210.

Malahide and District – T Nelson 1279, 1232, 1200, 1199.

Blanchardstown – S Duran 1275, 1256, 1220.

Finglas – L Donnelly and Son 1248, T McLoughlin and Son 1228, 1227, L Donnelly and Son 1213, M and P Arthurs 1204, L Donnelly and Son 1200, 1185, and Son 1183.

Skerries – P Rock and Son 1246, 1215.

Tallaght and District – M and M Roche 1241.

Balbriggan – M and U Gorman 1230, Hartford and McNally 1201.

Dromore HPS – M/M G Delaney 1193, J Greenaway 1170, 1168, 1168, M/M G Delaney 1156, J Greenaway 1071, M/M G Delaney 1068, J Greenaway 1059, R Keegan and Son 1058, J Greenaway 1032.

Harmony – H McAvoy 1192, Delaney and McCambridge 1191, H McAvoy 1157, 1122, 1120, Delaney and McCambridge 1111, H McAvoy 1075, Delaney and McCambridge 1071, 1070, 1057.

Ballybrack RPC – G and P O’Dowd 1190. 1176.

Naas RPC – B Cully 1188, T McLoughlin 1178.

Newry and District – J F McCabe and Son 1176, R Williamson 1126, J J McCabe 1071, R Williamson 1070, J F McCabe and Son 1064, R Williamson 1060, R McKelvey 1042, R Williamson 1024, 1021, W and J Chambers 1020.

Millvale – Donnelly Bros 1173, 1167, 1073, 1061, G Murphy 1040, Donnelly Bros 1010.

Dromara – D Aiken 1166, M/M Stevenson 1154, 1115, 1053, N Black and Son 1006, M/M Stevenson 1053, N Black and Son 1000.

Annsborough – M Croskery 1164, 1025.

Lisburn and District – M Laffin 1161, G Smyth 1061, S G Briggs 1033, G Smyth 1027.

Bray South East 4/17 - Harris Bros 1156, McCann and Whelan 1156, 1136, V Brady Jnr 1044, 1023, 1021, 1015, G Murphy 842, 664, 560.

Killyleagh Central – Gordon Bros and Sons 1155, 1029.

Hills and Maze – S Grainger and Son 1154, Kennedy and Lyons 1074, Lyons and Kennedy 1072, Kennedy and Lyons 1064, I Rollins and Son 1053, Kennedy and Lyons 1023, J and D Coburn and Sons 1018, I Rollins and Son 1009.

Crossgar – McCartan and Woodsides 1139, 1048.

Lurgan Social – J Douglas and Son 1137, 1119.

Drumnavaddy – T McKinstry 1121, 1004, C and G Quinn 1050, S Ogle 1033, T McKinstry 1021, S Ogle 1001.

Ligoniel and District – Bingham and Seaton 1112, McMurray and Anderson 1057, Bingham and Seaton 999.

Blackwatertown – Joe Brown 1103, 1053, 1046, 1045.

Annaghmore – G Buckley and Sons 1092, 1075.

Crumlin and District – P McGarrity 1090, Thompson Bros 1013, 998.

Downpatrick Premier – Mrs E Wynn and Daughter 1089.

Andersonstown – P and K Braniff 1086, O and M Monaghan 1071.

Fortfield – P and C Carson 1085, 1080,

Alexandra – Fegan and McAdorey 1083.

Ballyholland – O Markey 1073, M Peters 1019.

Grosvenor – J and L Smyth 1069, J Ward and Son 1030, J and J McAlorum 1005, 998.

Eastway – Grattan Bros 1069, D McElhone 1032.

Newtownbreda – B Hogg and Son 1066, 1038, B and H Marshall 1008, B Hogg and Son 999.

Gilford and District – C and H Beattie 1065.

Ballymena and District - J Eagleson and Sons 1064.

Portadown and Drumcree – Larkin Bros 1046, 1018, 1006, 958, 931, 892, 813, Hagan and Rowney 800, Larkin Bros 757, 735. Delighted with this performance from Skibbereen, hopefully more of the same for the finale from Rosscarbary on Sunday, good luck to all racing and just a reminder, only 15 weeks until pairing up! Alan.

Lagan Valley – Spence Bros 1042, A and R Milliken and Brady 1007.

Armagh – D C and P McArdle 1028, 808, 796, 772. 2 Bird Club – D C and P McArdle.

Banbridge – McCracken Bros 1022, C McArdle and Sons 1017.

Ballyclare and District – G and R Lawrie 1020, D McClelland 990.

Ballynahinch – W Catherwood and Sons 1019.

Ballywalter SPC – Palmer and McKay 1012.

Ballymoney HPS – D Dixon 1004.

Ballycarry and District – N J Arthurs 1004.

East End – D and L Jackson and English 1004.

Doagh and District – F Simpson 999.

Cullybackey HPS – A Darragh 999.

Dundalk Invitation 4/23 – G Savage and Son 725, 686, 663, A Gorham 628.