Demand for cattle strong at Downpatrick

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At the fortnightly Downpatrick cattle sale on Monday night, there was an increased entry of medium weight stores.

Demand was very strong, with more farmers present sourcing cattle for grass. On the night the overall top price per kg was paid to a Downpatrick farmer, for a well breed Limousin bullock at 332kg £825.00 (2.49ppk). Heavy bullocks peaked at (2.12ppk) paid for a 512kg CH bullock £ 1085.00 presented by a Burrenreagh farmer. In the heifer section a choice Lim heifer from a Comber farmer at 244kg sold to £540.00 (2.22ppk). Strong heifers peaked at 1.79ppk paid for a 530kg AA £950.00 from a Strangford farm. Leading prices as follows

BULLOCKS: Downpatrick farmer 332kg LIM £825(2.49ppk), Downpatrick farmer 312kg BAZ £865(2.47ppk), Leitrim farmer 396kg CH £925(2.34ppk) & 410kg LIM £955(2.33ppk), Downpatrick farmer 336kg BAZ £765(2.28ppk), Castlewellan farmer 382kg CH £865(2.26ppk), Leitrim farmer 430kg LIM£972(2.26ppk). Downpatrick farmer 374kg BAZ £768(2.26ppk), Strangford farmer 374kg AA £840(2.25ppk), Burrenreagh farmer 452kg CH £1010(2.24ppk) & 466kg CH £1020(2.19ppk), Leitrim farmer 398kg HER £870(2.19ppk), Downpatrick farmer 314kg BAZ £685(2.18ppk) & 370kg BAZ £795(2.15ppk), Ballynoe farmer 402kg BB £860(2.14ppk), Burrenreagh farmer 460kg CH £975(2.12ppk), & 512kg CH £1085 (2.12ppk), Leitrim farmer 440kg LIM £930(2.11ppk), Ballynoe farmer 402kg SIM £840(2.09ppk), Strangford farmer 384kg AA £800(2.08ppk) &418kg AA £870(2.08ppk), Glassdrummond farmer 464kg LIM £965(2.08ppk). Strangford farmer 404kg AA £830(2.05ppk), & 396kg AA £800(2.02ppk) & 474kg AA £955(2.02ppk) & 450kg HER £905(2.01ppk) & 408kg AA £820(2.01ppk). Strangford farmer 486kg LIM £970(2.00ppk), Ballynoe farmer 430kg SIM £850 (1.98ppk), Leitrim farmer 3336kg HER £1.95ppk), Strangford farmer 400kg HER £770(1.93ppk), Kilclief farmer 532 LIM £1215(1.91ppk) & 542kg LIM £1030(1.90ppk) & 480kg CH £910(1.90ppk), Strangford farmer 430kg AA £815(1.90ppk), Castlewellan farmer 464kg CH £875 (1.88ppk), Downpatrick farmer 430kg LIM £805 (1.87ppk), Strangford farmer 544kg CH £1000(1.84ppk), Kilclief farmer 514kg LIM £910(1.77ppk) & 574kg LIM £1000(1.74ppk) & 544kg BB £945(1.74ppk), Leitrim farmer 422kg HER £725(1.72ppk) &568kg SIM £960(1.69ppk) &568kg LIM £950(1.67ppk) & 604kg SIM £1000(1.66ppk) & Downpatrick farmer 666kg LIM £1090(1.64ppk)

HEIFERS: Comber farmer 244kg LIM £540(2.21ppk), Castlewellan farmer 362kg CH £770(2.13ppk), Castlewellan farmer 350kg LIM £730(2.09ppk), Downpatrick farmer 322kg BAZ £670(2.08ppk), Glassdrummond farmer 350kg LIM £725(2.07ppk), Downpatrick farmer 220kg BAZ £(2.07ppk), Newcastle farmer 404kg LIM £800(1.98ppk), Downpatrick farmer 452kg LIM £860(1.90ppk) & 450kg LIM £835(1.856ppk), & 482kg LIM £880(1.83ppk), & 478kg LIM £860(1.799ppk). Strangford farmer 530kg AA £950.00 (1.79ppk), Crossgar farmer 280kg £500(1.79ppk), Downpatrick farmer 476kg LIM £840(1.77ppk) & Downpatrick farmer 514kg LIM £885(1.72ppk).