Demand for forward cattle very strong at Downpatrick

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At the fortnightly Downpatrick cattle sale on Monday the demand for forward cattle was very strong.

A second quality 470kg AA bullock sold to 1.98 ppk. Light weight stores peaked at 2.70ppk, paid for a Limousin bullock at 280kg (£755.00 ). Cows and calves sold to £1,550.00. Leading prices in all categories as follows;

BULLOCKS: Ardglass farmer 470 AA £930 (1.98ppk), Dromara farmer 506kg BB £960(1.90ppk), Ardglass farmer 536kg AA £980(1.82ppk) & 504kg AA £965(1.91ppk), Ardglass farmer 606 AA £1095(1.81ppk), Downpatrick farmer 510kg AA £950 (1.87ppk), Downpatrick farmer 480kg AA £895(1.86ppk), Ardglass farmer 578kg LIM £890(1.54ppk), Ballykinlar farmer 356kg CH £820(2.30ppk), Ballynoe farmer 466kg CH £775(1.66ppk), Downpatrick farmer 470kg AA £775(1.65ppk), Dromara farmer 442kg AA £750(1.70ppk), Downpatrick farmer 364kg LIM £750(2.06ppk), Strangford farmer 322kg CH £725 (2.25ppk), Bonecastle farmer 388kg CH £710(1.83ppk), Ballyalton farmer 314kg CH £695 (2.21ppk), Ballyalton farmer 370kg CH £680(1.84ppk), Bright farmer 280kg LIM £665(2.38ppk), Ballykinlar farmer 388kg LIM £655(1.99ppk), Ballyhornan farmer 314kg CH£600(1.91ppk), Ballynoe farmer 454kg CH £500(1.10ppk), Kilclief farmer 270kg SHB £485(1.80ppk) & 260kg NR £410(1.58ppk), Strangford farmer 216kg AA £390(1.81ppk) & 238kg FR £390(1.64ppk)

HEIFERS: Downpatrick farmer 316kg DAQ £640(2.02ppk), Castlewellan farmer 534kg AA £835 (1.56ppk), Ballynoe farmer 472kg AA £800 (1.76ppk), Castlewellan farmer 490kg AA £750(1.53ppk), Seaforde farmer 480kg AA £725 (1.51ppk), Annacloy farmer 384kg SIM £720(1.88ppk), Strangford farmer 440kg AA £630 (1.44ppk), Downpatrick farmer 336kg DAQ £510 (1.51ppk).