Demand for Newrock equipment is growing

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The Newrock machinery brand now includes a range of new and innovative slurry pumps, tankers and dribble bars.

Combining strength and reliability, the new designs meet the needs of both farmers and contractors. And demand is already growing.

“We are manufacturing a number of pump models,” Newrock’s Sammy Hughes confirmed.

“The smallest pumps are suited to 80 horse power tractors while the middle and largest sized options have a requirement of 100 and 140 horsepower respectively.

“Our slurry equipment is eligible for Tier 1 of the Farm Business Improvement Scheme. We will also be exhibiting at the 2017 Fintona Show.”

Sammy Hughes continued: “We have had a range of equipment on display at a number of recent public events. And the feedback we have received from both farmers and contractors has been extremely positive.

Sammy went on to point out that the Newrock range has been built to last.

“All our equipment will perform well under local conditions,” he stressed.

“The new designs reflect my experiences, gained over the past 35 years of designing and manufacturing farm machinery.

“These are challenging times for agriculture. Decisions taken by farmers to invest in new farm machinery should be taken on the basis of what offers best value for money.

“The Newrock range has been designed and manufactured to meet this specific need.”

The Newrock product range includes slurry tankers and trailers with a range of capacities.

“We are committed to manufacturing a range of machinery lines to the highest possible standard,” Sammy Hughes further explained.

“We use materials of the highest quality and combine this with innovative designs.

“The end result is a product range that represents excellent value for money.”

For further information on the Newrock range, telephone: 07802 621476