Demand for Redrock vertical mixer feeders continues to grow

Redrock VM 20 feeder
Redrock VM 20 feeder

Redrock Machinery has confirmed a strong demand for its range of vertical auger mixer feeders.

“They are extremely versatile and fully complement the needs of dairy and livestock farmers in Northern Ireland,” said company sales manager Mark Linden.

“The feeders come with both single and twin auger options. They are also built to last, which reflects the heritage of the entire Redrock equipment range.”

The Redrock vertical mixer feeder range can mix anything from large round or square bales of silage, straw, hay to precision cut silage, maize meal etc. Serrated knives are used to efficiently chop fibrous foodstuffs to the length required for effective mixing and healthy digestion. They are assisted by two ‘counter knives’, which restrict material as it is driven past them by the auger. These come as standard.

The auger incorporates a carefully positioned sweeper arm, which has been painstakingly designed by Redrock machinery to give a perfect blend of all selected ingredients – time after time. This ensures an even, fluffy and appetising discharge, which livestock will find palatable and easy to eat.

The two speed drive line planetary system is used to reduce horsepower requirements, thereby lowering fuel costs and freeing up larger tractors for other uses on the farm.

There are nine knives fitted to each auger. Specially treated serrated knives are used to efficiently chop fibrous materials to the lengths required for effective mixing and digestion. In addition, the knives are designed to sharpen as they wear.

The main features of the Redrock VM Twin Auger feeders are the large mixing volumes, which can be mixed at one time, large discharge doors, which allow consistent discharges and more efficient chopping between augers. Twin auger machines are available on request.

All forages, grains, protein supplements, vitamins and minerals are thoroughly mixed. As a result, livestock are not able to hunt out individual ingredients and must eat the very important – but less palatable – roughage, as well as the rest of the ration.

In keeping with the ethos of Redrock,all the vertical auger machines are engineered to the highest design specification and strength, so as to ensure the maximum working life for the end user.

Specific features on Redrock vertical mixer feeders include: programmable weighting; two speed gear box; two counter knives; PTO shear bolt protection; hydraulic brakes; LED lights plus a viewing ladder/platform.

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