Demanding trade in sheep at Gortin

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Another demanding trade on Monday with fat lambs making up to £78/28kg, store lambs £68.50 and fat ewes £88. More stock needed to meet demand.

FAT LAMBS: S Watters £78/28kg, William Ballantine £75/30kg,W Campbell £74/28kg, S and A Conway £73.20/25kg, John Adair £73/25kg, John Gallagher £73/25kg, Ray Wilson £73/24kg, Oliver Loughran £72.80/26kg, Kenneth Hopper £72/25kg, Mark McCrabbe £72/24kg, C and B McManus £71.50/24kg, £70.80/24kg, Raymond McTeague £70.80/23kg, Allan Speer £70.80/24kg, V Preston £70.50/24kg, C and B McManus £70.20/24kg, Patrick Conway £68.80/24kg.

STORE LAMBS: John Robinson £68.50, John Gallagher £68, W Campbell £65.50, Mark McCrabbe £64.20, David Williamson £64, Patrick Conway £63, Raymond Blair £62.50, Kenneth Hopper £60, Hugh Lagan £59.50, Oliver Loughran £58, TJ O’Hagan £58, C and B McManus £57, Richard Hawkes £56, Thomas Coulter £55.50.

FAT EWES: A Harpur £88, John Keenan £85, Wesley Beacom £75, D Kyle £75, £74, £73, Wesley Beacom £74, £72, £70, Patrick Conway £62, V Preston £55.50, John O’Hagan £50.