Dion is crowned the NISSA Speed king at Shane’s Castle

Dion King (New Zealand) in action at the ABP Sponsored Open final at NISSA Shears on Friday
Dion King (New Zealand) in action at the ABP Sponsored Open final at NISSA Shears on Friday

Shane’s Castle Estate provided the venue for the the 2015 ‘NISSA Shears’ event with all profits going to the very worthy charity, Macmillan Cancer Support.

Organisers and committee members of NISSA were delighted by the level of support, not only from national and international competitors for the shearing competition, but from members of the public who came along to the event.

NISSA Shears Junior Champions: Sponsored by Ritchie Farm Machinery. Prizes presented by Mr George Hamilton (front centre).

NISSA Shears Junior Champions: Sponsored by Ritchie Farm Machinery. Prizes presented by Mr George Hamilton (front centre).

NISSA chairman Walter Hoy commented: “We are very thankful to everyone who supported the day and evening in any way. Thanks must go to the sponsors of the day without whom the event could not have taken place; and a massive thank you to Shane’s Castle Estate for the use of their premises and facilities.”

A full day of shearing was following a hearty barbecue and the spot light was on for the speed shear event.

A new speed king was crowned as Dion King (New Zealand) narrowly took the win over Tom Perry (Strabane) in the final.

The Kiwi kept his quality with the judges and took the win by 0.73 of a second with an impressive time of 20.25 seconds. This however is not a new record for the competition which is still help by fellow Kiwi Matt Smyth at least year’s competition with a sub 20 second time of 19.17 seconds.

Thanks must also go to commentators Huw Condron, George Graham, Peter McDonagh and Kieran McDonagh for their time and professionalism throughout the day.

The organising committee would like to express their thanks to all the judges on the day, sheep helpers and others who helped out in any way, without which the day could not have taken place.

A vital factor of the day was the supply of shearing machines and equipment from Lister Shearing Ltd. Not only did Lister go to great lengths to loan brand new shearing machines for the competition, but went the extra mile with an attractive collection of Lister goodies for the prize giving, including commemoratively engraved Lister ‘Mustang Sprint’ combs for the winner in each class.

Prior to the shearing prize giving, shearers waited with baited breath as the ceremony commenced with results from the 2015 Net-Tex Colate Circuit.

This year’s level of competition has been ecstatic with each category hosting fierce battles for the top six places throughout the circuit, which has been calculated since the first show of the season at Donard in May of this year.

Mr Hoy continued: “We are greatly indebted to NET-TEX for their generous sponsorship of our annual sheep shearing circuit. This competition is vital each year to enhance the high standards of shearing for young and experienced shearers.

“Since the circuit was first established 13 years ago, many shearers have had the opportunity to further develop their skills, helping them to be at power with, and become some of the best in the world.”

Mr Hoy concluded: “We’ve had another very successful day here at Shane’s Castle and look forward to announcing our grand total for MacMillan as soon as possible. I would thank everyone for their help and support before, during and after the event. It takes a lot of hard work, time and expertise to run an event such as this and I trust everyone enjoyed their day.”


The NISSA Shears Junior, sponsored by Ritchie Farm Machinery: 1st, Karol Devaney; 2nd, Joe Boylan; 3rd, Robert Henry; 4th, Cahir Devine

The NISSA Shears Intermediate, sponsored by Crystalyx: 1st, Sean McCollum; 2nd, Jason McNiece; 3rd, Stephen Morgan; 4th, Joe Boylan

The NISSA Shears Senior, sponsored by Jackson’s Butchers, Ballynure: 1st Tom Perry; 2nd, Jacob Moore; 3rd, Sean Kerlin; 4th, Graeme Davidson

The NISSA Shears Open, sponsored by ABP: 1st, Dion King; 2nd, Ivan Scott; 3rd, Jack Robinson; 4th, Hamish Mitchell

The New Zealand vs Team NISSA Test: 1st, New Zealand (Dion King and Tony Coster); 2nd, Team NISSA (Jack Robinson and Ivan Scott)

The Net-Tex Colate Circuit Results 2015

Junior: 1st, Ryan Adams; 2nd, Karol Devaney; 3rd, Stephen Donaghey; 4th, Joe Boylan; 5th, Chris Coulter; 6th, Liam Kelly

Intermediate: 1st, Jason McNiece; 2nd, Russell Smyth; 3rd, Barry Devine; 4th, Jonathan McKelvey; 5th, Ronald Kennedy; 6th, Trevor Wilson

Senior: 1st, Graeme Davidson; 2nd. Joe Stephens; 3rd. Johnny Patterson; 4th. Sean Kerlin 5th. Tom Perry; 6th Mervyn McAuley

Open: 1st, Jack Robinson; 2nd, Ivan Scott; 3rd, Ian Montgomery; 4th, Jimmy McAuley; 5th, Paul Smith; 6th Seamus Kelly

The NISSA Shears Speed Shear: Sponsored by Dearbail McParland Accountancy: 1st, Dion King; 2nd, Tom Perry; 3rd, Ivan Scott.