Dodds not surprised Global Dairy Trade auction result

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Speaking after this week’s Global Dairy Trade auction result, DUP MEP Diane Dodds said: “It comes as no surprise that this week’s Global Dairy Trade auction has fallen by another 9.3%.

“This result represents the tenth consecutive drop and the commodity index has hit its lowest value ever. With quantities being offered for auction up on previous months - and in line with last year - but with less bidders, the result has been a blow for farmers across the globe. The reality is that is a global problem and we need urgent action at a European level.

“If Commissioner Hogan is of the opinion not to help the dairy industry through appropriate and meaningful use of safety net mechanisms - as a way to constrain expansion post-quota - it is an extremely crude method to righting a wrong created by the Commission and will be accepted by few.

“Yes, farmers need to be prepared for volatility but the current crisis facing the industry is far beyond what anyone could have planned for. The perfect storm has been created; global overproduction coupled with weak demand from China, an import ban by Russia and the added exporting difficulties of a weak Euro.

“By no means is this just a problem facing the dairy sector but the vast majority of sectors facing depressed farm gate prices - with beef quotes back this week also.

“There is no doubt that the European Agriculture Commissioner, Phil Hogan can help support all sectors of agriculture but currently he is lacking in his commitment to bring forward a real and meaningful solution.

“I ask for your support to lobby the Commissioner by asking you to sign an e-petition which sets out the actions which I believe he should implement with immediate effect.

“The petition can be found at the follow address: