Dodds supports CAP simplification

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DUP MEP Diane Dodds has given her support this week to EU Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan’s pledge to make the simplification of CAP a priority over the next five years.

Mrs Dodds said: “In addressing the European Parliament, the Commissioner cited that simplification and reduced administrative burden was an explicit aim of the CAP reform legal proposals.

“I was encouraged by the Commissioner’s pledge to make a simplification and subsidiarity strategy for the CAP one of his first priorities. I strongly agree with Mr Hogan’s remarks that simpler rules will make for greater competitiveness and enhance the employment potential in the agricultural sector.

“In terms of simplifying policy for the new CAP, a new screening process has been initiated to analyse which elements can be simplified.

“In challenging the level of red tape within European legislations, Mr Hogan stated that as farmers are, and will always remain, the centre focus of attention we need to avoid changing the rules too often - farmers need predictability.”