Does healthy rumen equal healthy profits?

Wallace and Keith Porter, Dairy Farmers
Wallace and Keith Porter, Dairy Farmers

I run a Holstein-Friesian dairy farm, in partnership with my son Keith just outside Armagh.

There were no serious issues on our farm. We had moved onto third cut silage and the dungs were a fair bit looser than we would have liked.

Fertility was not bad, but we knew there was room for improvement. In mid November 2018, we read an article in the Farming Life about a new technology called Rumen Proof, based on LARs Technology.

The dairy farmer was making a lot of claims and wrote about how he found out LARS Technology is completely different to the traditional buffers.

He also mentioned how he gathered information from the Westway Health and Mayo Healthcare website. Instead, I just approached my local merchant Richard Powell in Keady, and asked his opinion on Rumen Proof.

After gathering the information, I took the jump and on the advice of Richard, I got enough for three weeks. He said that when the Rumen Function is fixed right in the cow, it could take up to three weeks to see the difference.

So here are the results I have got:

On the vast majority of my cows, the dung had firmed up within a week. After two to three weeks, average Milk Yield had gone up approximately 1 litre and has since stayed up.

The results I noticed mostly is the really strong heats, longer heats and more noticeable heats. We use sexed semen and being able to notice those heats is very important.

Appetite/Intake also went up after about two weeks.

Laminitis was nearly eliminated and digital dermatitis improved, but was still not perfect.

Finally the cows have a really healthy shine on them and look fuller.

I do believe if a cow’s rumen is in optimal working order, there are a lot of secondary benefits due to that.

If anyone would like to know my personal experience of using Rumen Proof, please ring me on 079 26170347.