Dog owners urged to take care in the countryside

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The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs and the Ulster Farmers’ Union are calling on all dog owners to be careful in the countryside.

The call follows a meeting between DAERA and the UFU which highlighted the issue of dogs worrying livestock. Amid reports of increasing incidents, farmers are concerned for the welfare of their animals.

A DAERA spokesperson said: “We understand the real concerns of farmers in this regard, but the solution lies with dog owners.

“That is why we are appealing for anyone who owns a dog to take particular care in rural areas.

“It might seem like a fairly minor act of negligence to let a dog run free in the countryside, but it can have particularly harmful, and potentially expensive, consequences for farmers.

“As we come into the good weather, and more people are out and about with their dogs, we ask that they be mindful of the environment around them.

“Do not let dogs run out of control, especially in 
areas where there may be livestock.

“As owners or keepers are responsible for any damage caused, this is one area where prevention is better than cure. Even the best-trained dog can inadvertently distress farmyard animals.

“Owners should take steps to avoid any situation where their pet might encounter livestock.

James O’Brien, Ulster Farmers’ Union legislation chairman said: “With more and more urban dwellers moving to the countryside, this has brought an increased number of dogs to rural areas resulting in more and more dog owners using the countryside to exercise their pets. Indeed with more attacks being carried out by stray dogs..”