Draperstown (Richard Beattie) Mart: Excellent entry of top quality cattle on offer

Draperstown Mart
Draperstown Mart

An excellent entry of top quality cattle on Friday sold to a rising trade.

Bullocks sold to £1335/690kg, heifers sold to £1260/620kg and fat cows sold to £1302/840kg.


Roddy Kearney £1335/690kg, P and E McCrory £1260/690kg, William Johnston £1160/680kg, J Lynch £1150/610kg, £1140/570kg, R Gamble £1145/560kg, P and E McCrory £1140/610kg, Gary Nugent £1130/600kg, S Gamble £1120/580kg, R Gamble £1115/660kg, £1105/640kg, Jospeh Hardy £1110/610kg, £1105/550kg, £1095/550kg, £1090/570kg, Seamus McAtamney £1090/540kg, Andrew McClements £1090/570kg, £1080/520kg, J Lynch £1080/530kg, Seamus McAtamney £1070/560kg, Wndy Wilson £1060/600kg, John Lyle £1060/550kg, P and E McCrory £1055/580kg, R Gamble £1050/590kg, £1045/530kg, Wendy Wilson £1050/500kg, £1010/490kg, Gary Nugent £1050/560kg, John Lyle £1090/570kg, Seamus McAtamney £1045/520kg, Andrew McClements £1040/510kg, £1030/500kg, R Gamble £1010/570kg, £1010/540kg, Joseph Hardy £1010/570kg, £1000/520kg, Wendy Wilson £1000/470kg and Seamus McAtamney £1000/500kg.


P and E McCrory £1260/620kg, £1200/670kg, £1075/560kg, Donald Fleming £1100/600kg, Brian Boyle £1010/530kg, £1000/520kg, £970/510kg, £970/510kg, £955/480kg, £915/450kg, £890/460kg, £860/480kg, £850/500kg, S Moore £1000/510kg, P and E McCrory £975/530kg, £960/500kg, Alan and W J Hutinson £900/530kg, Donald Fleming £885/580kg, Simon Loughery £880/470kg, Kennedy Watters £850/440kg, Paul Bradley £840/490kg, Gerard Doyle £835/430kg, Alan and W J Hutinson £820/490kg, Kennedy Watters £810/390kg and Brian Boyle £800/470kg.


Shane McGlone £640/390kg, £610/310kg, P and A Miller £580/310kg, £550/260kg, £550/280kg, £535/310kg, £535/240kg, £520/280kg, £515/300kg, £490/290kg, T and S Duffy £550/310kg,£450/260kg and D McHenry £475/270kg, £460/280kg.


Sean O'Neill £1302/840kg, £1269.20/760kg, £1162.80/680kg, Ian McAleese £1146.60/630kg, J D Fulton £1134/630kg and Stanley Watterson £997.50/750kg.